How Kline assists Energy companies with their sustainability agenda?

The energy industry is at the heart of transformation needed to achieve sustainability goals. Many energy companies have set ambitious plans to transform their business and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This will pose new challenges as well as unanticipated and new opportunities. Kline is continuously monitoring this space and developing new insights to support the industry in this transformation.

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Helping our clients engage with Sustainability in an authentic and credible way

The pursuit of sustainability has firmly moved from a nice-to-have PR exercise to a must-have condition for business viability. Our clients across the lubrication solutions value chain, and their clients in a wide range of end-use applications, are looking for pragmatic and impactful ways to transition their strategies and commercial practices as it is the need of the times and also due to increasing scrutiny from regulators, investors, customers, and their own employees.

Kline can contribute by helping to bridge the gap between complex and fast-evolving macro trends and drivers and the daily decisions of people in marketing, sales and strategy divisions. This enables our clients to translate broader sustainability goals into specific initiatives and actions. We separate the noise from facts, and help clients navigate the rapidly expanding field of competing solutions.


There are three areas where Kline is working to support our clients and industry partners with our products and services:

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Developing a view on best practices and acquired knowledge related to putting sustainability goals in practice across different B2B industries:

  • Tracking and developing insights into best practices of multiple industries – both upstream and downstream of the lubricants value chain – to expand the horizons of thinking and uncover opportunities for cross-industry partnerships






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Supporting the marketing and strategy teams of our clients in the lubricants value chain by translating sustainability ambitions and goals into value-added products and services. Some examples of the topics we are working on are:

              • Impact and evolution of environmental legislation: global and regional variations
              • Race to Zero: Interplay of different decarbonization levers and what these developments mean to your business (Electrification, Carbon capture, Hydrogen and alternative fuels)
              • Strategies of the leading OEMs
              • Bio-lubricants and bio-basestocks
              • Used Oils and Re-refined Lubricants
              • What does the drive toward digitalization means for sustainability in key industrial sectors?
              • ESG and how the financial community influences business strategies
              • Innovation eco-system: Emerging landscape of solutions and services

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Working with industry associations and partners to define metrics and develop a common framework for highlighting how the lubricants industry contributes and performs vs. specific sustainability goals:

    • Developing a framework for comparing the performance of various companies and parts of the value chain by leveraging Kline’s standing and insights into the industry
    • Creating a shared story for external and internal stakeholders

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Kline is dedicated to providing market insights to track and anticipate new technology and sustainability trends that impact lubricants, baseoils and lubricant specialties.

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