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Providing Value and Competitive Advantage Through M&A

M&A can be a key part of a company's expansion and growth strategies. Particularly in challenging economic times, M&A can add value and provide competitive advantage.

Companies looking to gain advantage through M&A must address several critical questions:

  • How can M&A fit into overall corporate strategy?
  • Where are the opportunities that will maximum value?
  • How do we assess and value candidates to achieve best results? 
  • How do we execute the best deals?


Capabilities Designed to Develop and Execute Successful M&A Strategies

Kline is a leading global M&A advisor successfully combining deep industry expertise and primary research methodology with management consulting capabilities. We deliver effective and executable advice to our clients, in a highly collaborative working environment. Collectively, the firm’s principals have advised on hundreds of potential and closed transactions.

Kline’s M&A Advisory service success is built around integrated competency platforms:

Acquisition-led growth strategies
Develop strategic options and execute growth strategies based on acquisition. We’ve successfully helped clients expand geographically, move downstream for enhanced value creation, acquire bolt-ons and adjacencies, execute rolls-ups and consolidation plays, and acquire and license technology.
Commercial and technical due diligence
Thorough analysis and assessments of candidates with supporting data and rationale based on competitive position, achievability of plan and projections, potential synergies, valuation model, outlook and appraisal.
Manufacturing competitiveness
Benchmark the manufacturing cost of portfolio companies or potential investments against competitive facilities. Deliver cost analyses based on manufacturing site assessments targeted at specific products/product lines and overall appraisal of competitor and manufacturing site.
Deal origination
Identify and understand selected businesses, the competitive landscape and the outlook to identify investment candidates – companies, businesses, and technologies. Deep dive into attractive segments, assemble and vet master list of companies, prepare and support approach to more attractive companies.
Capital raising
Kline’s position as the recognized authority and leading consultancy in its core industries allows us to collaborate in the development of candidate-specific prospectuses and investment memorandums. Kline’s citation as a source affirms the credibility of the document and the veracity of what it contains.

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