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Nearly Every Company Feels the Pressure to Deliver Top-line Growth

One of the biggest challenges for any company is expanding into a new market or business adjacency to generate growth. Conflicting priorities, internal politics, inertia, and lack of knowledge often prevent management from developing credible market entry strategies that truly drive sustainable growth.

Companies looking to develop market entry strategies face several challenges:

  • Determining the right markets with the best fit and growth prospects
  • Building consensus across the management team to drive alignment on actionable success pathways
  • Configuring business models to execute and win


We Deliver Effective, Unbiased, and Executable Market Entry Strategies

Kline’s deep industry expertise coupled with a robust approach has resulted in extensive market entry successes for clients around the world. We center our approach around the ability to serve the right markets in the right ways to generate the greatest return. Kline’s proven, three-phase modular process addresses where to focus, how to enter, and what it takes to win:

Assess the market and develop insights. These insights form the foundation to identify white space opportunities. Requires a deep understanding and expertise of the market, industry, and customers.
Once opportunities are identified we develop and evaluate both conventional and alternate strategic options. We then select the best based on internal and external conditions.
Kline helps you develop an actionable market entry strategy that gives you the best chance to execute and win. Includes configuring your business model in terms of value proposition and operations, as well as ensuring everyone in your organization understands what’s needed to succeed in the new market.

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