What’s ahead for the chemicals and materials industry in 2023? Kline has the answer, thanks to our team of experts who have identified the industry trends most likely to gain traction. Here’s a quick rundown, but be sure to request the full trends report so you’re well-prepared for the new year. 

1. Supply Chain Disruptions Continuing to Impact Multiple Industries

The pandemic created widespread shortages among multiple industries, including HI&I,
automotive, and medical devices. This has amplified the necessity for a shorter and closer supply
chain from a supply security standpoint. 

2. The Economic Environment May Drive Investment Opportunities in Special Situations, Operational Efficiency, and Sustainability 

The gap between chemical industry performance and the world index has begun to close as investor sentiments changed in recent years due to demand from Asia Pacific (APAC) maturing.  

3. Is Chemical Recycling Emerging as a Key Piece of the Puzzle for Plastic Recycling and Circularity?

Big bets are being made on chemical recycling as a supplemental route for plastic waste that
cannot be recycled by traditional mechanical means.  

4. EV Batteries Necessitating a Re-Evaluation of the Raw Material Supply Chain

The EV industry has been facing a serious question as to whether supply can keep up with
demand across the battery supply chain, especially for key materials.

5. Natural Ingredients in the Personal Care Industry Continuing Their Growth Trajectory Despite an Economic Slowdown

The home and personal care industry has traditionally weathered recessions well, and with
question marks over the global economy in 2023, these markets could present a safe haven for
chemical manufacturers. 

Kline is uniquely positioned to deliver forward-looking, data-driven insights and strategies in the chemicals industry. We harness the power of our industry expertise with advanced skillsets and AI tools to bring more certainty to the future. Learn more about our predictive insights and forecasting solutions.  

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