The Latest Trends & Opportunities in the Haircare Ingredients Market featured image

Haircare applications represent a key segment within the global ingredients market, with a whopping value of more than USD 27 billion; specialty ingredients for haircare account for a market of approximately USD 7.5 billion.

In this special report, now available for download, we're examining exactly how personal care ingredients factor into haircare products. Among the questions we address:

  • What are the biggest markets for specialty personal care ingredients? Which will grow, and which will be stagnant?
  • Who are the leading suppliers on the haircare ingredients landscape?
  • What's the one professional haircare segment that wasn't on the rise in 2022?
  • What are the top trends for haircare?
  • Where are haircare ingredients headed in the future in terms of growth rates by region and application?

Insights are taken from Kline's Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis report, which analyzes the consumption, supply, and pricing of ingredients used in personal care formulations; evaluates drivers and restraints affecting the market; and builds a five-year forecast model, providing a clear view of market opportunities in the post-COVID-19 world. Further observations are culled from the Specialty Actives in Personal Care report, which features a database plus reports that offer an overview, pricing analysis, market size, trends, drivers, and restraints, outlook, and more.

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