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Biostimulants are booming: According to our research, overall sales grew by a CAGR of 9% in 2019-2022 to reach over $2 billion. The U.S. market accounts for more than one-quarter of the global market.

In a special presentation given at ACI's recent US Biostimulants Summit 2023, Frances Davidson, Kline Senior Account Manager, highlighted the U.S. market for biostimulants, now estimated at ~$500 million. Among the topics she covered:

  • Which crops are using biologicals the most?
  • Which active ingredients are most popular?
  • What has been the most important M&A activity in recent years?
  • What new technologies have been introduced, and by which companies?
  • How – and why – are companies expanding their portfolios?
  • What will drive the future of the industry?

To get the answer to these questions and more, download a copy of Frances’ presentation, which featured information from our Biostimulants and Biofertilizers: Global Overview of the Market and Use report. For more information on the report, feel free to contact us.

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