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The Forecast for Food

As important as it is for industry participants to develop exciting new products to surprise and delight consumers, the basic fundamentals of the future of food are the most urgent and important. Limited natural resources provide real constraints on agricultural and food production, made more challenging by sustainability goals and initiatives which must be achieved to protect our planet. While the food industry’s mission has been to provide healthier, more sustainable products, looming challenges of food insecurity and obesity prevail. Layering on top of this is the projected global population of 9 billion by 2050.

To address this, agricultural industry initiatives are focused on measures such as crop yield optimization and sustainability practices. For ingredient manufacturers, delivering healthier ingredients and meeting the needs of new food innovations are priorities. Food manufacturers have a responsibility to collaborate across the value chain, and with world health, environmental, and government associations, to ensure the future health of the world’s food supply.

Our Expertise

Kline serves the food industry value chain, from “Farm to Fork.” In agribusiness, Kline has extensive knowledge and database products on biobased pesticides and fertilizers. For food manufacturers, our work covers developments in health and nutrition, such as cultured meat, clean label, and more. Overall, our main area of focus is food ingredients, with experience across the full range of categories.

Advisory Experience

Examples of our Food & Nutrition advisory experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.
  • Phytosterols: market entry and opportunity assessment (producer of wood-based products)
  • Pectin: assessment of select European producers (leading producer of gums and other ingredients)
  • Dairy ingredients: strategy development – healthy and vulnerable aging nutrition (leading dairy cooperative)
  • Xanthan and gellan gum: manufacturing cost competitiveness of target company (leading natural ingredients company)
  • Fatty acids: market size and segmentation study (biotech company)
  • Flavors: market opportunity assessment – flavor innovation (leading ingredient company)
  • Preservatives: market entry and opportunity assessment (leading flavor and fragrance company)
  • Nutraceutical ingredients: market size and segmentation study (leading ingredient supplier to food and pharma)
  • Vanillin: market entry assessment for fermentation-based vanillin (leading ingredient company)
  • Dairy & adjacencies: screen and vet M&A opportunities (leading dairy company)

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