Crisis Accelerates Innovation

The challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted strengths and vulnerabilities across global healthcare. From a product perspective, the vaccine development initiative took centerstage achieving rapid commercialization, but fell short in delivering the vaccine to an anxious global population. And, while digital technology created new ways to provide patient care, exchange health outcomes data, and conduct predictive analytics, it put the spotlight on weaknesses ranging from supply chain shortfalls to treatment inequities.

COVID-19 has accelerated and, in many cases, forced change across healthcare, creating opportunities to deliver better products and services to more consumers more cost effectively. In terms of products, mRNA technology offers great potential for new vaccines and treatments. AI and digital technology are making headway in devices for disease management, diagnostics, and surgery. Further development of nonprescription drugs including Rx-to-OTC switch, as well as alternative treatments, provide for greater consumer access and more affordable healthcare. From industry suppliers to marketers, the challenges and opportunities have perhaps never been greater.

Our Expertise

Kline’s expertise extends across the pharmaceutical and medical devices value chains. On the supply side, our knowledge covers raw materials, excipients, and active ingredients (APIs). In consumer healthcare, the nonprescription drug sector is one of our key areas of experience, including Rx-to-OTC switch, in addition to dietary supplements. In medical devices, we have significant experience in vision care, diabetes care, and orthopedics, with particular proficiency in manufacturing cost benchmarking.

Advisory Experience

Examples of our healthcare advisory experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.

Biomedical Materials

  • Market intelligence: identifying customers for medical grade polypropylene in N. America
  • Strategy support: global strategic business analysis for polyketone resins
  • Market intelligence: global analysis of polysulfones, polyether imides and high heat polycarbonate
  • Strategy support: developing a bio-renewable-based polymer strategy
  • Market intelligence: opportunities for PCT polymers
  • Market intelligence: American analysis of engineering thermoplastics
  • Market intelligence: global market analysis of fluoropolymers
  • Market intelligence: market and pricing insights on high-temperature polymers
  • Market intelligence: global assessment of High Temp. PA, LCP, PEI, and PPS
  • Market intelligence: NAFTA market for PSU, PES, PPSU and PEI
  • Market intelligence: global analysis of PEI
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: global market and manufacturing analysis of PA12
  • Market intelligence: N. American market assessment for modified polymers  in engineering thermoplastics

Pharma Technology

  • Market intelligence: competitive analysis of selected producers of carboxymethylcellulose
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: analysis of a pharma custom manufacturing business – APIs and formulations
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: competitive manufacturing analysis of several producers of selected cellulose ethers
  • Market intelligence: market assessment for cellulosic in Europe and China
  • Strategy support: assistance with the development of an API business plan for a major generic pharma company
  • Market intelligence: opportunities in wound care (included hydrocolloids, alginates and competing products)
  • Market intelligence: global analysis of the markets for polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP)
  • Technology & innovation: focused technology search – transdermal patch technologies
  • Market intelligence: customer perception and needs analysis of “target company’s” gelatin and hydrolysates businesses
  • Opportunity assessment for a novel technology in soft gel capsules in selected applications


  • M&A advisory: growth strategy in Rx dermatology (business development project – M&A, licensing opportunity screening and vetting – from Phase 1 to commercially available)
  • Market intelligence: competitive P&L benchmarking – consumer healthcare
  • M&A advisory: BD candidate screening nutraceuticals (China, S. Korea, Japan)
  • Technology & innovation: commercial potential and partner assessment: hair regrowth
  • Strategy development: Developing a strategic plan for healthy ageing nutrition
  • Market intelligence: identify growth opportunities in medical and consumer nutrition
  • M&A advisory: identify and vet acquisition opportunities in health & wellness in China
  • M&A advisory: business strategy in cognitive health
  • Technology & innovation: OTC switch assessment women’s health (contraceptive health)
  • Business growth: portfolio expansion opportunities in diabetes care: adjacent spaces

Medical Devices

  • Market intelligence: strategic assessment of Infusion sets business
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: low-cost medical device manufacturing partner in Asia
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: manufacturing cost benchmarking of selected producers of dialyzers
  • Market intelligence: competitive assessment of lens care solution producers
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: assessment of electrophysiology catheter producers
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: assessment of insulin pump manufacturers
  • Technology & innovation: enhanced contact lens materials platforms search
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: assessment of blood glucose meter, strip manufacturers
  • Market intelligence: competitive analysis of hearing aid battery business and development of strategic options
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: competitive manufacturing cost assessment of bloodlines producers
  • Market intelligence: competitive strategy in blood glucose strips, meters, pumps

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