Biologics Research

Market Opportunities for Chemicals Suppliers

Base Year: 2018
To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2019
Forecasts to 2023
Regional Coverage: Global

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a surge of biologics globally. With higher safety and efficacy, biologic
drugs have been found to treat major chronic and complex diseases. In recent years, biologic drugs have enjoyed
better approval rate than traditional drugs. However, the development and formulation of biologics bring
greater challenges, such as higher R&D investment, longer approval times, a more stringent manufacturing
process, and difficult regulatory pathways. With the drug pipeline being increasingly populated with biologics,
it is crucial to understand the evolving role of excipients. The selection and use of the right excipients are even
more critical for biologics than for small molecule drugs, because excipients are not only key components of
the finished biologic drug dosage but also play an important role in the development and manufacturing of
the biologic drug itself. Kline aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of excipients in biologics through its
new study.

This Report Will Help Subscribers Answer Key
Questions Such As:

  • What are the key bio processing ingredients and excipients involved in the biologics value chain?
  • What is their current consumption?
  • Which suppliers are active in the market, and which products are they supplying?
  • How is the value chain structured?
  • Is inter-product competition occurring in the market, and what products are favored?
  • What are the average prices of chemicals related to biopharmaceuticals?
  • How will the consumption of these products evolve by 2023?


Report Contents


  • Introduction to biopharmaceutical industry
  • Overview of biologic pharmaceuticals
  • Types of biologic pharmaceuticals
  • Major biopharmaceutical companies
  • Commercial examples of biologic formulations

Bioprocessing techniques

  • Overview
  • Trends and Outlook

Ingredients for Bioprocessing

  • Market size
  • Grades and prices
  • Supplier landscape
  • Outlook

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Scope & Benefits

Biologics: Market Opportunities for Chemicals Suppliers comes as a comprehensive report analyzing market opportunities created by the rapid emergence of biopharmaceutical products throughout their entire value chain, from bioprocessing to formulation (Table 1 & 2) In this study, biologics is referring to recombinant therapeutics, plasma proteins, and vaccines.

This report will assist chemical suppliers in understanding the entire biologics value chain and identifying business opportunities within this key growth area. It will also serve as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. This program provides subscribers with a report allowing them to:

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends that are driving the consumption of chemicals related to biopharmaceutical processing and formulation globally
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies
  • Identify key market participants at various level of the value chain
  • Capitalize by identifying specific chemicals or categories poised for strong growth


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