Floor Care Pads and Tools

Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: United States

Base Year: 2018
Published: June 2019
Forecasts to 2023

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Base Year: 2022
To be Published: Q3 2023

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A comprehensive analysis of the market for floor pads, mop pads, cleaning carts, and other tools used to clean industrial and institutional settings, this study includes direct feedback from end users on usage patterns, product preferences, and frequency of cleaning. The report provides insights on market trends, sales and market share of leading suppliers, and a five-year forecast. This report is designed to be used as a companion report to Kline’s Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning study, wherein floor care chemicals are profiled.


  • Sales, growth, and market share by end-use segment, product class, product category, brand, and supplier
  • Usage of disposable versus reusable products
  • Impact of flooring and floor care machinery trends on the floor pads and tools market
  • Broad coverage across 13 industrial and institutional end-use segments
  • Detailed, structured survey of end users to understand preferences, spending, and usage patterns
  • Detailed profiles of the leading 25 suppliers


Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings, plus an analysis of market trends, opportunities, and challenges and outlook and appraisal

End-use Segment Profiles

Each end-use segment contains the following information:

  • Overall market size 2020–2022
  • Spending changes
  • Product usage
  • Disposable versus reusable
  • Product preferences
  • Information sources
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Purchasing channels
  • Outlook and appraisal

Product Category Profiles

Each product category profile contains the following information:

  • Market trends and usage frequency
  • Size of market in 2021 and 2022
  • Sales by end-use segment
  • Sales by leading suppliers
  • Outlook and assessment

Supplier Profiles

Each company profile contains the following information:

  • Overview of business
  • Corporate sales
  • Floor pads and tools offered
  • Sales of floor pads and tools in 2021 and 2022
  • Share of market in 2021 and 2022
  • Mergers and acquisitions activity of note
  • How products are sold to end users
  • Outlook and appraisal

Survey Response Summary

Details on how each end-use segment responded to the structured survey, and details on sample sizes and respondent firmographic information, such as business size, job title, and the number of employees

Floor pads Mop pads Tools
Buffing/Cleaning floor pads Disposable mop pads Brooms
Burnishing floor pads Re-launderable mop pads Buckets
Diamond floor pads Disposable dust mop pads Cleaning carts
Scrubbing floor pads Non-disposable dust mop pads Dust pans
Specialty/Polishing/Other floor pads String wet mops Floor signs
Stripping floor pads High-dusting tools
Mop handles or poles with frame/backer plates and floor finish applicator tools
Building service contractors
Colleges and universities​
Extended care (nursing homes, assisted living, and independent living)
Fitness facilities and studios
Government facilities
Hospitals (includes surgery centers and clinics)
Industrial facilities
Lodging establishments
Office buildings
Retailers (convenience, grocery, and mass merchants)
Schools (K–12)
Miscellaneous (airports, train and bus stations, convention centers, sports arenas, and others)
3M Libman
ACA Enterprises Niagara Machine
ACS Cleaning Products (includes ETC and Treleoni) New Pig
Americo Manufacturing Norton
Bona O-Cedar
Carlisle O’Dell Corporation
Contec OnFloor Technologies
Continental Commercial Products Pioneer Eclipse
Diversey (includes Twister and Taski pads) P&G Professional
Filmop International Rubbermaid
Golden Star Tennant
Hospeco Unger
Impact Products

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for the manufacturers and suppliers of industrial and institutional floor pads and tools. This report assists subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the market, including sales and market share by end use segment, product, and supplier
  • Key product usage patterns, product preferences, and flooring and machinery trends
  • End user insights such as product preferences, critical buying factors, and purchase channels from our structured survey with decision makers

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