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Strong Market Expertise Rooted in Rigorous End User Research

With most suppliers selling to end users through distributors, retailers, and online the need to understand the voice of the customer is crucial for professional cleaning executives tasked with planning and developing market strategies. Kline’s periodic, detailed surveys with end-use decision makers are overflowing with detailed information on usage trends, product preferences, channels shopped, expected future demand, and key trends impacting the market. Combined with our strong B2B research with suppliers and distributors, this voice-of-customer research differentiates our practice from competitors and has come to be a trusted source for our clients.

This methodology allows us to stay close to the market and learn about key trends from the perspective of end use customers. One key trend is an industrial world now driven by digital technology, AI, robotics, and IoT connectivity. In our core Professional Cleaning Products sector, illustrative changes are evident such as smart dispensers to optimize product consumption, and use of robotics, IoT, and QR codes that can be scanned by cleaning staff as part of the work process.

Sustainability also remains at the forefront with continued pressure on all industry participants to reduce their carbon footprint. For manufacturers of professional cleaning products, demand continues for green products with plant-based ingredients, and ultra- concentrated products to use less packaging. For all, products and practices that minimize water use and lower carbon emissions are priorities.

Our Expertise

Kline has a rich history of publishing trusted market studies for over 55 years. Those studies, which include detailed databases and reports, span across numerous segments of the professional cleaning market including Janitorial Cleaning (front-of-house), Foodservice (back-of-house) Cleaning, I&I Cleaning Wipes, I&I Hand Care, and Laundry Chemicals. Our work spans the U.S. and European markets and is well-regarded by many participants in the industry. In addition to our syndicated studies on the market, we also offer a wide range of custom advisory services including assistance with new product concepts, competitive analyses, and predictive analytics.

Kline also has a long heritage in consulting and research from our Chemicals practice. We leverage our knowledge of adjacent spaces, use our fundamental market intelligence skills, and tap into our industry expert network to deliver projects in these often very “niche” areas. The exception however is our deep expertise in Professional Cleaning Products, a legacy Kline practice that extends from ingredients to finished products and services.

Advisory Experience

Examples of our advisory experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.


  • Strategy support: market entry strategy for core professional cleaning sector
  • Market intelligence: impact of automation on custodial services
  • Innovation support: tested several new product concepts with foodservice end users in the U.S. to help a client prioritize new product development and market entry
  • Market intelligence: competitive assessment of key professional cleaning competitor in EMEA
  • Strategy support: client with strong position in the away-from-home paper products market; support strategy to expand to hand care market in Europe
  • Brand perception: ran a full-scale survey with hundreds of end use decision makers to understand how one brand is perceived against a field of competitors; offered actionable recommendations on ways to differentiate the brand and which end-use segments the client should focus on
  • Market intelligence: assessment of market opportunities in dilution and dispensing equipment in China

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