Opportunities in Lubricants: ASEAN Market Analysis

Base Year: 2019
Published: Q4, 2020
Regional Coverage: Select ASEAN countries

Despite a major setback due to the pandemic, the lubricants market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region continues to be a dynamic one with strong growth prospects over the forecast period. This video presentation provides an overview of the automotive and industrial finished lubricants market in select ASEAN countries.

Video Presentation Content

  • Expert opinion on market characteristics and trends
  • Key market data covering economic fundamentals, vehicle production, and sales statistics
  • Fundamental lubricants market data covering overall market, key market segments focusing on commercial automotive, consumer automotive, and industrial lubricants
  • Competitive landscape covering main suppliers and their market position
  • Market trends, impact of COVID-19, and demand outlook
  • Highlights of key country markets

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This video presentation serves as an excellent resource for lubricants marketers and manufacturers to gain crucial insights into the overall ASEAN region’s finished lubricants market while providing key country highlights.

Countries Covered
Cambodia​​ ​Lao PDR​ ​Myanmar​​ ​​The Philippines​
Indonesia​​​​​ Malaysia​​​​​ Thailand​ ​Vietnam​​​​

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