Food-Grade Lubricants: Analysis of Major Markets

Base Year: 2020
Published: Q4 2021
Regional Coverage: Asia, Europe, and the United States

Food-grade lubricants are a special category of oils and greases that are designed for use in the food and beverage processing industries due to their low or non-toxicity. These lubricants are also used in various food processing and peripheral food industries. Growing global food safety awareness, increasing stringency of regulations, and cost of noncompliance is driving the market for food-grade lubricants.


  • Demand for food-grade lubricants in select markets in 2020 and forecast to 2025
  • Detailed profiles of select markets, focusing on overall demand by application, basestock type, lubricant category, and NSF classification
  • Analysis of market trends, growth drivers and restraints, and regulations
  • Major suppliers and their market shares
  • Evaluation of market opportunities and challenges

Table of Contents


Executive Summary 

A summary of key findings

Product Review

  • Product description and specifications
  • Product segments based on basestocks used and NSF classification
  • Regional/country specific standards/ regulations
  • Food-grade lubricant applications by:
    • End-use industry
    • Lubricant category
  • Pricing

Individual Country Reports

Detailed profiles focusing on key markets (listed in Table 1) are provided, including the following information:

  • Food-grade lubricants description and specifications
  • Overview of key applications
  • Impact of regulations including religious standards such as Halal and Kosher
  • Demand by application/end-use industry, NSF classification, lubricant category, and basestock type
  • Product pricing
  • Market structure and supply chain
  • Key supplier market shares
  • Demand outlook
  • Growth drivers and restraints
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Market opportunities and challenges


Table 1.  Tentative Country List​​​
China ​​​India​​
South Korea​​​​​​ ​​​Japan​​​​​
EU and U.K. ​​​​United States​​

Report Benefits

This report assists lubricants marketers in identifying opportunities within the food-grade lubricants market of major countries. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. Specifically, the report helps subscribers to:

  • Assess the current and future demand for food-grade lubricants by analyzing the impact of food safety regulations that are driving this market
  • Analyze the impact of changing basestock use, developments in food processing industry, and COVID-19
  • Design and develop products and marketing strategies for key end-use industries by assessing barriers to entry

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