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Global Synthetic Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2020
To be published Q3 2021
Regional Coverage: Global

Synthetic lubricants use continues to grow globally, driven by increasingly stringent emissions regulations, consumer interest, OEM recommendations, and a plentiful supply of synthetic basestocks. In the post-COVID-19 market, these trends may accelerate or shift toward different channels. This study will provide a comprehensive global analysis, along with synthetic lubricants opportunities, challenges, and trends of select countries and segments.


  • The size and segmentation of the global synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants market by product type and a 5-year outlook
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic penetration by region and country, with country level market trends and outlook
  • Analysis of market challenges and opportunities
  • Analysis of channel segmentation and synthetics penetration by segments such as:
    • Quick lubes
    • New car dealers
    • Mass merchants
    • Auto-parts stores
  • Long-term impact of COVID-19 on synthetics demand and channel shifts
  • Competitive landscape by supplier for each country profiled and rolled up into a global synthetic market share


Table of Contents


Executive Summary
An overview of the report findings plus a forecast based on Kline’s FutureView forecasting model

Global Automotive and Industrial Lubricants Demand Analysis and Forecast
For each lubricant product listed in Table 1, the following information is analyzed:

  • Global and regional lubricant demand estimate and outlook
  • Current and projected synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants penetration and demand
  • Global and regional supplier market share for full synthetic and semi-synthetic products
  • Growth drivers and 5-year outlook by country, region and product type
  • Market developments impacting the penetration of synthetics
  • Market opportunities for lubricant suppliers
Consumer PCMO, MCO, Gear oils, ATF, and Grease
Commercial HDMO, HTF, Gear oils, and Grease
Industrial Hydraulic fluids, Gear oils, Turbine and circulating oils, Compressor and refrigeration oils, MWF, Industrial engine oils, and Grease

Country Chapters
The synthetic lubricants market in each country listed in Table 2 is profiled, and the following information provided:

  • Overview of the lubricants market by segment
  • Current and projected synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants penetration and demand, including a channel level split of demand
  • Key supplier market share for full synthetic and semi-synthetic products and product positioning by segment
  • Market developments impacting the penetration of synthetics including the long-term impact of COVID-19
  • Market opportunities and challenges for lubricants suppliers

Short profiles of leading lubricants marketers will be provided, covering:

  • Estimated supplier market share for synthetic and semi-synthetic automotive and industrial lubricants for each country market
  • Company product positioning
  • Country level marketing campaign
Australia India South Africa
Brazil Indonesia Thailand
Canada Japan United Kingdom
China Malaysia United States
Germany Mexico Vietnam

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for lubricants marketers that market synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants or are considering entering the market. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • Business opportunities in synthetic lubricants for existing and emerging markets
  • Demand drivers and outlook for synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants by product, country, region, and segment
  • Competitive landscape by key suppliers with estimated market shares and marketing activities by segment

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