Industrial & Institutional Hand Care: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2020
Forecasts to 2025
Published: October 2020
Regional Coverage: United States

This comprehensive assessment of the U.S. away-from-home hand care market is based on structured research with hundreds of end users to understand market trends and opportunities, product preferences, and consumption patterns while forecasting sales of the hand care market. This report examines hand care usage across a broad group of end-use segments in healthcare, hospitality, education, foodservice, and other industrial and institutional sectors. Hand care products used in foodservice and janitorial settings are included, providing a comprehensive market view including both “front-of-house” and “back-of-house” hand care.”

This report helps subscribers to:

  • Learn how COVID-19 is impacting consumption patterns and usage
  • Understand the market size of hand care products across multiple end uses and product categories
  • Gain insights on the competitive landscape in hand care
  • Learn which end-use segments and product categories are growing and why
  • Discover end users’ preferences for product form
  • Evaluate objective sales forecasts through 2025 for hand care products
  • Analyze the relative size of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and hand cleaning wipes
  • Recognize trends in antibacterial hand soap usage

Report Contents

Provides scope, data sources, and methodology

Executive Summary
This chapter provides the following:

  • An overview of I&I hand care across the food service, janitorial, and wipes segments
  • Market size and segmentation, market share, trends, and opportunities
  • Sales by end use and product category
  • Competitive landscape
  • Outlook and forecasts to 2025

End-use Segments
For each end-use segment shown in Table 1, the following information is provided:

  • Overview and structure of the end-use segment
  • Hand care market trends
  • Sales of hand care products in 2019 and 2020
  • Preferred product forms, suppliers, and forecasts to 2025

Product Categories
For each product category shown in Table 2, general information on hand care product categories, including total sales by end use in 2019 and 2020 with forecast sales to 2025, is provided.

Brief profiles of major hand care suppliers are shown in Table 3, including a description of each company’s business, location, products, and hand care sales in 2019 and 2020.

Respondent Data
Provides a summary of end user response data from our survey.

Provides a copy of the survey that was used with end users.

Table 1: End-use Segments Profiled
Building service contractors or contract cleaners
Industrial facilities, office buildings, and government facilities
Lodging establishments
Nursing homes/assisted living facilities
Restaurants (includes fast food/QSRs, fast casual,
and full service)
Schools and universities


Table 3: Suppliers Profiled
Clorox Professional
Essity/Tork/SCA Hygiene Products
Procter & Gamble Professional
Reckitt Benckiser Professional
SC Johnson (Deb USA)
Spartan Chemical
Zep, Inc.
Table 2: Product Categories Profiled
Bar soaps
Foam hand sanitizers
Foam hand soaps
Gel hand sanitizers
Hand cleaning/sanitizing wipes
Heavy duty (pumice/grit) hand soaps
Liquid hand soaps

Scope & Benefits

This comprehensive report on the industrial and institutional hand care market covers away from-home purchases of hand care products including liquid and foam hand soaps, instant hand sanitizers, hand cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer wipes, bar soaps, and industrial heavyduty hand soaps. Paper products are excluded. End users in both foodservice and janitorial settings are included across a wide variety of industrial and institutional end users and building service contractors. Includes assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on professional hand care market now and in the future. Both “front-of-house” and “back-of-house” areas of facilities are included. Sales data is provided for 2019 and 2020 and forecasts are given through 2025.


Subscribers to this report are able to use its data and insights to understand:

  • The role of contract cleaners and their impact on the hand care market
  • Buying and consumption patterns among various customer groups and factors that influence purchasing decisions
  • Trends in antibacterial hand soap usage
  • End users’ preferences for hand soap product form
  • Evolving distribution channels including distributors, direct sales, retail, and online sales
  • Outlook for future growth and opportunities

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