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Opportunities in Lubricants: India Market Analysis

Regional Coverage: India

Base Year: 2021
Published: Q3 2022

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Base Year: 2023
To be Published: June 2024

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A comprehensive analysis of the fastest-growing major lubricant market – India. The study uncovers the short- and long-term changes in the market, and it is likely to witness and provide an independent assessment of market challenges and growth opportunities for industry stakeholders.



  • Lubricant demand in automotive and industrial segments by product type
  • Profiles of prominent installed and retail channels, on-highway and off-highway channels, and end-use industries
  • Analysis of leading lubricant marketers
  • Lubricant demand growth drivers, challenges, quality changes, and market outlook
  • Outlook for electric vehicles and their impact on finished lubricant demand
  • Basestock supply and outlook
  • Market opportunities and challenges


Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus forecast based on Kline’s Future View Forecasting Model India Background: Economic Analysis of India and major states

Consumer Automotive

  • Market structure and summary
  • Passenger Cars – factory fill, franchised and independent Car workshops, dealerships, garages, retail, and fuel stations
  • Market development and outlook

Commercial Automotive

  • Market structure and summary
  • Factory fill
  • On-highway – fleets, dealerships and owner-operators
  • Off-highway – construction, mining and agriculture
  • Market development and outlook


End-use industries:

  • Power
  • Chemicals
  • Auto, auto component, and general engineering
  • Aviation, marine, and railways
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Mining
  • Food processing
  • Cement
  • Oil and Gas

Each segment will broadly cover the following topics:

  • Lubricant demand and outlook
  • Maintenance and purchase practices
  • Lubricant supplier analysis
  • Market development and impact on lubricants
  • Industry overview and outlook

India is expected to add lube demand equivalent to that of the UK/ France/ Italy/Australia/Thailand over the next 5 years. A quarter of global lubricant volume addition over the next five years will be from India.


What's New?

  • A revised format that would be even more reader-friendly with crisp summaries for each section enabling easier read along with demand analysis in Excel format. An impactful yet brief 10-slide Executive Summary
  • India’s growth story through key economic indicators – global and domestic (state-wise) analysis
  • Long-term lubricant demand forecast – passenger cars and two-wheelers
  • What-it-means analysis for various key developments on lubricant demand
  • Key automotive sector announcements and their impact on lubricant demand
  • District-wise lubricant demand potential for two-wheeler and passenger car segments; state-wise lubricant demand for all segments
  • Analysis on emerging and small brands
  • Growth potential of alternate fuels and impact on lubricant demand
  • Analysis of sustainability factors impacting lubricant demand across segments

What Questions will this report answer?

India’s lubricant demand is growing, however, not all pockets of the market are growing equally. Which segments have better growth prospects?
With better affordability and growing awareness for better maintenance, there is a fast shift toward premium lubricants. ​Which products have greatest value growth prospects?
Indian economic growth is being aided by changing demographics. Spending power spurge is aiding higher automotive sales in rural areas. ​Is growth stronger in urban vs rural India?
Sustainability is a key growth metric across the world. Various stakeholders are investing in greener options across the value chain. How are various Indian sectors likely to get impacted?
Each state in India has been growing differently aided by various macro-economic factors. How does lubricant demand vary by states?

Subscriber Benefits

This report assists lubricant blenders/marketers, additive/base oil manufacturers, and other market participants in identifying opportunities and challenges within the industry. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. Specifically, the report helps subscribers:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the lubricant demand growth, channel shifts, and supplier share evolution
  • Identify high-potential markets. Design and develop products and marketing strategies for key industries
  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving
    the Indian lubricant market

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