Opportunities in Lubricants: India Market Analysis

Base Year: 2021
Published: Q3 2022
Regional Coverage: India

Coming out of its worst economic performance inflicted by COVID-19 in 2020, can India’s finished lubricants market deliver on its promise to remain one of the world's fastest-growing major markets? This study uncovers the short- and long-term changes the market has witnessed and provides an independent assessment of market challenges and growth opportunities for industry stakeholders.



  • Lubricants demand in automotive and industrial segments by product type
  • Profiles of prominent installed and retail channels, on-highway and off-highway channels, and end-use industries
  • Lubricants demand growth drivers, challenges, quality changes, and market outlook over a five-year horizon
  • Profiles of leading lubricants marketers and an analysis of their market position
  • Impact of COVID-19 on short- and long-term demand and changes in end-user behavior across various end use segments
  • Outlook for electric vehicles and their impact on finished lubricants demand
  • Basestock supply and outlook
  • Market opportunities and challenges

What’s New?

  • Impact of COVID-19 on lubricants demand and buyers’ behavior
  • Lubricants demand share by states
  • Discussion on OEM genuine oils
  • OEM recommendations by viscosity grade & drain interval
  • Long-term impact of EVs on lubricants demand

Includes an Excel–based demand model of India’s lubricants market

Report Contents


Executive Summary

Consumer Automotive Lubricants

  • Overall Market
    • -Engine oil – PCMO and MCO
    • -Transmission oil
    • -Greases
    • -OEM recommendations
  • Passenger Car Lubricants
    • -Factory fill
    • -Dealership and installed channel
    • -Retail
  • Two-wheeler Lubricants
    • -Factory fill
    • -Dealership and installed channel
    • -Retail
  • Market Developments and Outlook

Commercial Automotive Lubricants

  • Overall Market
    • -Engine oil
    • -Transmission oil
    • -Greases
    • -OEM recommendations
  • On-highway
    • -Fleets
    • -Owner-operators
    • -Dealerships
  • Off-highway
    • -Agriculture
    • -Construction
    • -Mining
  • Market Developments and Outlook

Industrial Lubricants

  • Overall Market
    • -General industrial oils
    • -Metalworking fluids
    • -Process oils
    • -Industrial engine oils
    • -Grease
  • End-use industries
    • -Power
    • -Chemicals
    • -Auto, auto component and general Engineering
    • -Metals
    • -Aviation, marine and railways
    • -Plastics
    • -Textiles
    • -Food processing
    • -Paper
    • -Mining
    • -Oil and gas
    • -Cement
  • Market Developments and Outlook

Supplier Profiles

  • Apar Lubricants
  • Balmer Lawrie
  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Castrol India
  • Fuchs Lubricants
  • Gulf Oil
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • Idemitsu Lube
  • Indian Oil
  • Kluber Lubricants
  • Raj Petro Specialties
  • Savita Oil
  • Shell
  • Tide Water Oil
  • Total Oil
  • Valvoline Cummins

Note: Each automotive segment will have detailed insights at end-use level on:

  • Lubricant demand by viscosity grades, service categories and synthetic penetration
  • Competitive landscape and supplier market share
  • Purchasing practices
  • Pack sizes and innovation

Report Benefits

This report assists lubricants blenders, marketers, and other market participants in identifying opportunities and challenges within the industry. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. Specifically, the report helps subscribers:

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving India’s lubricants market
  • Understand market trends, regulations, quality evolution, demand, and competitive landscape
  • Identify high-potential markets; design and develop products and marketing strategies for key industries

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