Opportunities in Lubricants: China Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: China

Base Year: 2020
Published: Q3 2021

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Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q2 2024

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The finished lubricants market in China has undergone significant changes. This report offers a thorough analysis of the market, examining key segments and highlighting the impact of emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges. Additionally, it explores the government's initiatives to drive growth.


  • Lubricant demand by market segment and product category
  • Analysis of different product categories, end-use markets, sales channels, and fleet types
  • Commentary on government regulations and impact on product quality
  • Analysis of how government efforts to decarbonize the economy will impact the lubricants industry
  • Profile of leading lubricant marketers
  • Analysis of demand drivers and market outlook

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus forecast based on Kline’s Future View Forecasting Model

Commercial Automotive Lubricants

  • Overall market
  • On-highway fleets
    − Buses
    − Taxis
    − Trucks
  • Off-highway fleets
    − Agriculture
    − Construction
    − Mining
  • Products
    − Engine oil
    − Gear oil
    − Hydraulic and transmission fluids
    − Greases

Consumer Automotive Lubricants

  • Overall market
  • Retail segment
  • Installed segment
    − Authorized repair garages
    − Independent repair garages
    − Fast-fit stores
  • Products
    − Engine oil
    − Gear oil
    − Automatic transmission fluids
    − Greases

Industrial Oils and Fluids

  • Overall market
  • End-use markets
    − Chemical and related products
    − Electrical equipment and energy transmission
    − Machinery
    − Primary metals
    − Textiles
    − Aviation, marine, and railways
    − Transportation equipment
    − Mining
    − Oil and gas extraction and petroleum refining
    − Fabricated metal products
    − Other end-use industries
  • Products
    − Process oils
    − General industrial oils
    − Industrial engine oils
    − Metalworking fluids
    − Greases
bp Shell
Chevron Sinopec
ExxonMobil TotalEnergies
Fuchs Petrolub Tongyi
PetroChina Valvoline

Subscriber Benefits

This study serves as an excellent resource for lubricants manufacturers, marketers, and other market participants to identify opportunities and challenges within the industry. Specifically, it assists subscribers by helping them:

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are shaping the post-COVID China lubricants market
  • Design and develop products and marketing strategies for key end-use industries by assessing unmet needs and understanding the barriers to entry
  • Understand the competitive landscape and evaluate key market opportunities and challenges

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