The Consumer Self-Care Explosion

Over the last six years, we have seen an evolution and broadening of actions that consumers have adopted, in varying degrees, to take better care of themselves. In particular, the 2020 pandemic intensified the resolve of most all consumers to do something to care for themselves. In fact, 93% of those surveyed by IRI and Kline’s most recent consumer survey in late 2020 view health and wellness as a priority to a degree. 

With more consumers across all demographic and psychographic characteristics engaging in a broad range of activities to take better care of themselves, what does this portend regarding future demand for consumer healthcare products in both wellness and treatment? This paper explores that very question.  

Download The Consumer Self-Care Explosion: Implications and Opportunities for Wellness and Treatment Products to learn about: 
  • Emerging self-care themes that are contributing to a groundswell of consumers taking ownership and control of their health 
  • Self-care behaviors across a continuum, with wellness and maintaining good health on one end of the spectrum and needing doctor and hospital care on the other 
  • Preventive and natural products that are being placed alongside treatment-focused products within the category assortment on shelf 
  • The various actions marketers could take to help consumers simplify and foster daily health regimens aimed at wellness 


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