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Home & Personal Care Ingredients: Purchasing Manager Expectations Survey

To be Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: Europe (EU-27, UK, Norway, and Switzerland), United States

After a record 2022, the HPC ingredients market is going through a difficult period in 2023. Destocking, the rise of inflation, and economic slowdown are a few reasons behind the volume of sold ingredients being below expectations.
To provide chemical suppliers with an understanding of their clients' short- to mid-term spending patterns, Kline is surveying 100 key decision-makers in raw materials sourcing departments at a representative sample of HPC formulators.


  • Geographies
    • - Europe (EU-27, UK, Norway, and Switzerland)
    • - USA
  • Panel selection
    • - 100 senior executives in Senior Purchasing functions at
      • - Household cleaning products and personal care products manufacturers
      • - Includes brands as well as contract manufacturers
      • - Covers both multinational as well as local brands

Areas of Exploration

The results of the survey are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. Below are details of how the survey is reported

Key findings

Purchase expectations

This report section provides an overview of current purchasing trends as well as what purchasers expect in terms of operation volumes in the short-to-mid term.
It also analyzes drivers behind market dynamics such as destocking, changes in market demand, seasonal trends, or economic conditions, among others.

Cross-tabulation analysis

This section analyzes the differences between regions, applications, and brand types.

Category performance

This section touches on differences between ingredient types and highlights both products that are expected to suffer the most over the next months, but also those expected to take advantage of an increase in demand.

- Europe vs. USA
- Home vs. Personal Care
- Multinational vs local brands
- Brand positioning
- Brands vs. contract manufacturers

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of Home & Personal Care Products in helping them shape their short-term strategy and understand the change of market orientations in an uncertain economic environment. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by helping them:

  • Gather insights into the expectations of purchasing managers regarding their procurement activities over the next 3-6 months.
  • Understand the key factors influencing purchase behavior.
  • Map out challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

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