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Sustainability in Beauty: United States Market Brief

Base year: 2022
Published: January 2023
Regional Coverage: United States

The beauty industry continues to grapple with sustainable approaches that do not compromise on product quality, desired results, and consumer safety. This study will present an overview of key sustainable beauty trends spanning the hair care, nail care, and skin care sectors.


  • Sustainability in Beauty Trends
    • - Clean formulas and sustainable ingredients
    • - Cruelty free
    • - Vegan
    • - Sustainable packaging
    • - Zero waste
    • - Carbon neutral
    • - Diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • - Water and ocean conservation
  • Spanning the beauty industry with the coverage of the hair, nail, and skin care categories.
  • Efforts by
    • - Product marketers
    • - Retailers

Table of Contents


Sustainability in Beauty Trends

For each of the key characteristics listed in Table 1, the following information will be covered:

  • Definition
  • Associations and certifications
  • Notable initiatives from brands by product class:
    • - Fragrances
    • - Hair care
    • - Makeup
    • - Other toiletries
    • - Skincare
    • - Retailers (where applicable)
Carbon neutral
​​Influencing factors behind product purchase​
Cruelty free​
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Sustainable packaging
Water and ocean conservation
Zero waste

Report Benefits

This report provides a brief analysis of the key sustainability initiatives from marketers in the beauty industry.

  • Understand the most common sustainability practices in the beauty industry
  • Discover key sustainability initiatives from a broad spectrum of beauty industry participants
  • Learn how retailers are supporting the sustainability trend in the beauty industry

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