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Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities


Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East

Base Year: 2020
Published November 2021
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Base Year: 2021
To be published Q3, 2022
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In continuous publication since 2003, Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of automotive and industrial finished lubricant products, end-use industries, trade classes, major suppliers, and market trends in leading country markets and regions.


  • Profiles of 17 country markets, providing a detailed, independent appraisal of the finished automotive and industrial lubricants industry in that country
  • Consumer automotive lubricants: passenger car motor oil, 2T/4T, ATF, gear oil, and grease
  • Commercial automotive lubricants: heavy-duty motor oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, gear oil, and grease
  • Industrial oils and fluids: general industrial oils, metalworking fluids, industrial engine oils, and process oils
  • Penetration levels of synthetic and semi-synthetics will be analyzed and assessed
  • Identifying market trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Impact of COVID-19 on leading markets, products, and end-use industries and shift in long-term trends
  • Profiles of leading lubricant marketers


Table of Contents

Year in Review

An overview of the global lubricant market, covering:

  • Global lubricant demand, plus key regions and countries
  • Lubricant performance trends, covering PCMO and HDMO viscosity grade shifts and penetration of synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants by region and product
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the lubricants market; demand in major markets, end-use industries, and product categories; shifts in market trends; and other factors
  • Competitive landscape
  • Overview of leading country markets

Country Market Profiles

  • Country overview, including political and economic background, trade barriers, and vehicle parc sales and production
  • Impact of COVID-19 at a country level
  • Commercial automotive market segment overview: product category, type, SAE viscosity grade, API service category, on-highway and off-highway, synthetics penetration, supplier market share, forecast and assumptions

Country Market Profiles (continued)

  • Consumer automotive overview: product category, type, SAE viscosity grade, API service category, installed and retail, synthetics penetration, supplier market share, forecast and assumptions
  • Industrial oils and fluids overview: product category, type, viscosity grade, leading industries, synthetics penetration, supplier market share, forecast and assumptions
  • Appraisal: market outlook, opportunities, and challenges

Lubricant Supplier Profiles

  • Background and organizational structure
  • Recent developments
  • Finished lubricants product portfolio and sales
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Appraisal
  • New products
Table 1. Tentative List of Countries to be Covered​
Belarus​ ​Hungary New Zealand​ ​Slovenia
Belgium​​​​ India​​​​ Nigeria​ ​Sri Lanka
Brazil​​​​ Kazakhstan​​​​ Norway​ ​Ukraine
Bulgaria​​​​ Mexico​​​​ Portugal​ ​United Kingdom
China​​​​ Morocco​​​​ Russia​
France​​​​ Netherlands​​​​ South Korea​

Report Benefits

This market study assists senior executives, product and market managers, strategic planners, raw material suppliers, and lubricant distributors in assessing the market for their products and understanding their competition on a global level. The customized report also:

  • Covers your choice of 10 country market and/or supplier profiles and offers a comprehensive Year in Review summarizing the overall global lubricants industry
  • Identifies volume opportunities at the product level (synthetics) or channel level (for example, franchised workshop), especially in country markets with little or no growth
  • Determines barriers to growth, along with strategies to overcome them, while evaluating opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and alliances and identifying key trends

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