Personal Care Ingredients

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis

Base Year: 2018
Published 1st Quarter 2019
Regional Coverage: Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, United States, Rest of the World

The personal care area remains an attractive innovation-driven market that has attracted numerous ingredients suppliers over the years with its robust growth and over-average profitability. Competition is however strengthening and understanding ingredients trends, often not closely related to consumer trends, has become a necessity for ingredients supplier.

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients used in personal care formulations, their consumption and supply, and the drivers and restraints affecting their growth. The data is presented in a highly interactive database containing data on about 200 personal care ingredients in key regional markets. Novelties brought by the 2018 edition include a fine coverage of the growing segment of color cosmetics ingredients, as well as a cross-category assessment of natural ingredients.

This Report Helps Subscribers Answer Questions Such as:

  • What are the sales of ingredients by supplier and end-use application in each region?
  • Which suppliers are active in the market, and which ingredients are they supplying?
  • What is the historical consumption of ingredients for each end-use application?
  • What are the average prices of various ingredients by application?
  • What is the forecast consumption in 2022 by application and ingredient?
  • In each ingredient category, what are the natural ingredients and the opportunities for them?


Report Contents

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis comes as two key deliverables—a fully interactive database based on a new platform and a concise report per ingredient group and per region considered structured as follow:

Product overview

  • Grades
  • Pricing analysis

Market sizing

  • Consumption per product type
  • Consumption per application
  • Trends

Competitive landscape

  • Supplier market share

Appraisal and outlook

  • Growth drivers and restraints
  • Outlook

Along with the ingredient groups analysis, the 2018 edition brings a cross-category assessment of natural ingredients, analyzing the following:

  • Alternative to conventional ingredients in each ingredient category
  • Pros and cons of natural alternative vs. synthetic
  • New product development
  • Historical consumption development and forecast consumption

*Subject to charter subscriber input

Scope & Benefits

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis provides demand estimates for key regional markets, including Europe, the United States, Brazil, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Rest of the World. The interactive functions of the database allow users to customize views according to supplier, ingredient type, and application (Table 2). Data includes:

  • Consumption of key personal care ingredients by application and region
  • Supplier sales by ingredient type, application, and region
  • Average market pricing of ingredient by region
  • Forecast consumption of ingredients within a five-year timeframe

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis is easy to use and can be accessed online by anyone in your organization from any enterprise location where personal care ingredient data is needed. Personal Care Ingredients: Database is a practical tool designed for marketing, business, and product managers to help them to:

  • Empower sales, marketing, and strategic management personnel to utilize the most current personal care ingredient data in their areas of responsibility and geographic location
  • Identify and understand consumption trends
  • Make a comparative assessment of personal care ingredients in specific end-use applications
  • Design product development, marketing, and sales strategies
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies
  • Benchmark different geographies by historic and forecast growth of the personal care ingredients market
  • Shape a growth strategy for the long term
  • Understand the competitive landscape and market shares situation at the level of the ingredient for each region

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