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Salon Distribution Benchmarking:
Performance Insights of Companies, Brands, and SKUs in U.S. Salons

About the Salon Distribution Benchmarking Dashboard

Monitors how retail products are carried and sold across hair salons, leveraging point-of-sale data from Kline PRO

It helps you to:

  • Benchmark performance against industry competition.
  • Track the evolution of distribution and product range over time.
  • Compare price indices with brands present in both stocking and non-stocking salons.

Access ready-made views and get input on building your
own to address specific business needs.

Coming in 2H 2024

  • New velocity metrics to include both weighted and unweighted views for total brand as well as average item sales rates​
  • Updating data tables across the dashboards to include change vs YA metrics for ease of use and faster insights​

Contents of the Platform

Ranking Reports

  • View key distribution metrics at the company, brand, and SKU levels.
  • Investigate opportunities for optimizing the range and build category stories to increase your distribution.
  • Measure your brand's share of retail sales in individual salon.

Health of Stocking Salons

  • Evaluate brand performance in stocking salons versus competitors for total brand and by product category.
  • Compare retail product or service sales between salons that carry your products and those that do not.

Quality of Distribution

  • Assess the quality of distribution breadth via numeric and weighted percentage of store selling metrics, for the total channel and across geographies, salon positioning, and salon size.
  • Access the information presented for individual time periods as well as longitudinally for quick insights into drivers behind sales trends.


  • Detailed descriptions of each view and tracked KPIs

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