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Salon Distribution Benchmarking:
Performance Insights of Companies, Brands, and SKUs in U.S. Salons

Adding the Why to Kline PRO: Using Our Sample Universe

Kline PRO currently gives a granular view of how companies and master brands perform in the U.S. salon marketplace. Sales and share trends by region, positioning, and size are available along with detailed pricing information. Our sample with new facts and analysis allows us to investigate the why.


1- Top rankings

View at the company, brand, and SKU levels, and understand your performance vs. competition. Investigate opportunities for optimizing the range and build stories to the trade to increase your distribution.

2- Performance where listed

Understand your performance and that of your competition in salons that stock your brand. Delivering a new universe based on the company or brand stocked. How are salons that carry your brand performing compared to those that do not?


3- Distribution*

Analyze distribution and quality of distribution using numeric, service dollar weighted, and product dollar weighted available from company down to the SKU level.

4- Ranging

How many SKUs are in the range, what is the rate of sale, and should some lines in your range be placed as lead SKUs?Which brands are you competing head-to-head with in your stocking salons?

* Distribution is defined using sales recorded.

Key Initial Dashboards at Launch: Visualizations to Easily Extract Insight

Top Rankings

View by company, brand, and SKU. Identify opportunities and how you perform vs. competition.

Performance in Your Salons

How are your salons performing? How is your distribution and range changing over time?

Other Brands in Your Salons

How many other brands are in your salons, and which are you more likely to share space with? How does your range perform where listed?

Additional Views?

Get input into development and create new views to answer other business questions you may have.

Salon Distribution Service Screenshot

  • Analysis in stable samples with two full years of history by year or quarter to see emerging trends
  • Filters to select universe based on salons stocking for any company or brand
  • Quick view of bubble charts to understand opportunities
  • Top rankings and opportunity to maximize your range using multiple metrics to allow side-by-side SKU comparison

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