Professional Turf and Ornamental: Global Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers

Base Year: 2020
Published: Q1 2021
Regional Coverage: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China​, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherland, South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates


An accurate and independent appraisal of the market size and segmentation, application methods, products used and costs, and market trends in the professional turf and ornamental market. Coverage includes both chemical and biologically based products.


  • The study focuses primarily on sales of pesticides used in three main market segments:
    Golf courses
    All other lawn care
    Horticultural nurseries and greenhouses


U.S. report also includes details on landscape contractors and turf farms

Interactive database

This tool serves to empower sales, marketing, and strategic management personnel to utilize the most current turf and ornamental pesticide and fertilizer data in their areas of responsibility and geographic location. It helps to identify and understand the consumption trends and make a comparative assessment of the professional turf and ornamental pesticide and fertilizer supplier, brand, active ingredient, acre treatment, and volumes. It also helps market participants to benchmark their company’s presence in each country and product category against their competitors.

Report Contents

Golf courses

All other lawn care

Horticultural Nurseries and Greenhouses

Regional Analysis

Each chapter provides the following information

  • Introduction
  • Structure of the Industry
  • Herbicides (pre-emergence,  post- emergence, and total)
  • Insecticides 
  • Fungicides
  • PGRs and Nematicides (U.S. only)
  • Fertilizers (U.S. only)
  • Number/timing of applications
  • Sales by application type
  • Sales by weed species and brand
  • Sales and market share by brand
U.S. Coverage Other Countries​
Golf courses​​​ ​Golf courses​​​
Lawn care​​​​ ​Lawn care​​
Landscape contractors​​​​ ​Horticultural market​​​
Nurseries and greenhouses​​​​
Institutional turf​​​​​
Turf farms​​​​​ ​​​​


  • Consumption by active ingredient
  • Acre/hectare treatments by brand
  • End-user prices, application rates, cost per acre/hectare​ (U.S only)
  • Sales by supplier by brand
  • Biopesticide usage 
  • Biostimulant usage
  • New products and trends
  • Outlook for next five years

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of turf- and ornamental-related pesticides and fertilizers. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • Highly reliable and independent assessment of brand sales for turf and ornamental pesticides by segment
  • Aid with regulatory filings by providing volumes of active ingredient used for each product and acres treated by brand
  • An examination of what each brand of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide are used to control

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