Salon Purchase Channels

Salon Purchase Channels: United States Market Analysis

Base Year: 2023
Published: February 2024
Forecasts: 2028

Salons traditionally purchased their supplies directly from manufacturers or from distributors/wholesalers and their stores. This purchase behavior has changed, and salons nowadays have a variety of ways to obtain professional hair care products. In particular e-commerce to professionals has been blooming in recent years. In this study Kline asks directly hundreds of salons about their purchase behaviors.


This report compiles a quantitative survey among salons and opinions from unstructured interviews with industry experts across United States. Observing changes in salons purchase patterns as well as development of online platforms selling to stylists for professional hair care marketers and distributors it is important to understand where and why salons shop. The report includes information on:

  • Number of salons
  • Salons segmentation
  • Salons purchase behaviors:
    • - Where they shop
    • - How often they shop
    • - Reasons behind choice of purchase channel
  • Brands they use
  • Services they provide
  • Product retailing and spending on salon hair care products

Results from this study should enable
companies to better select channels through which they reach different types of salons.


  • Quantitative Study
  • Sample size: N=400
  • Method: 15 minutes on-line questionnaire
  • Fieldwork: December 2023
  • Respondents: Salon owners/managers/stylists responsible for choosing and buying products
  • Unstructured interviews with industry experts from manufacturers, distributors, associations, media, or salons
- Premium
- Moderate
- Value

Information Gathered from Quantitative Survey*

  • Salon segmentation
    • - Pricing of coloring services
    • - Pricing of hair cuts(the above will allow ups to split the sample into premium mid-tier and economy salons)
  • Purchase channels
    • - Where they purchase products from
    • - Share of each purchase channel on their total expenditure
    • - Number of channels they source products from
    • - Quantities of products bought online and traditionally
    • - Which brands are purchased through which channel
    • - Reasons behind selection of various channels
  • Services they provide
    • - Services they provide
    • - How their revenue is split by type of service
  • Product sales
    • - Share of product retail in their revenues
    • - How do they sell products to clients (physically or online)
    • - What would encourage them to sell more products to customers
  • Products and brands they use or sell to customers
    • - The amount that they pay for product purchase per month
    • - Brands they use
    • - Reasons for selecting the brands they use

Information Gathered from Unstructured Industry Interviews*

  • Number of hair salons
  • Sales channels of key marketers
  • Outlook
  • Additional insights helping understand the market and survey results

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Subscriber Benefits

This program provides subscribers with an understanding of the purchase behaviors of different types of salons in United States. Results from this study will enable companies to better understand reasons behind selection of purchase channels and brands, importance of product retailing as well as services provided by salon tier. This knowledge should help marketers to  create effective partnerships and agreements with salons.


  • Report combining findings from survey and unstructured interviews
  • Survey results tabulations
  • The possibility to compare results across different salon segments
  • Incorporating expertise from the Kline Salon Hair Care annual study

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