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Household Cleaning Products USA
Published: June 2011
Base Year: 2010

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  • Description
  • Regional Coverage: United States
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    A comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for household cleaning products, focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities, and addressing such issues as:

    • Industry trends
    • Market size and shares
    • Company and brand sales
    • New product activity
    • Retail distribution
    • Five-year forecasts
  • Contents

    Executive Summary
    An executive briefing covering developments in 2010, the impact of key trends and issues in the household cleaning products business, and their future implications for industry participants.

    Industry Analysis
    A summary of industry developments in 2010 and a five-year forecast.
      Market overview


      Selling and distribution

      Private-label activity


      Advertising and promotion

      Outlook to 2015

    The Products
    Pertinent information and insightful analysis of 22 major categories, including category trends and developments; manufacturers' 2010 sales; sales and market shares for leading brands; new product activity; sales by retail channel; private-label sales; promotional activity; and outlook to 2015. The product categories covered are shown in Table 1 below.
      Major Companies
    Profiles for 14 major companies, including company activities; sales by product category and brand in 2010, and related analysis; recent developments including acquisitions and new products; promotions; corporate overview; and outlook to 2015. The major companies covered are shown in Table 2 below.

    Minor Companies
    Brief profiles of about 75 smaller marketers of household cleaning products. Profiles included descriptions of companies’ business, location, sales for 2009 and 2010, major brands, new product activity, distribution and spending, and future outlook.

    Media spending for 2010 is provided for each of the product categories and major companies.

  • Scope
  • Household Cleaning Products USA is considered the authoritative source of information on the household cleaning products industry. It contains market size and share data, retail sales, channel breakdowns, trends, and forecasts for 22 major product categories; detailed profiles of 14 leading marketers; and podcasts covering new products and corporate developments.

    This report focuses solely on products sold through domestic consumer outlets in the United States. Market data refers exclusively to sales through these channels. Imports and mail-order sales are included, but sales to institutions, including hospitals and nursing homes, the military, and exports, are excluded.

  • Key Benefits
  • Kline & Company has been serving the household cleaning products industry for over 50 years. Household Cleaning Products USA is a detailed assessment of household cleaning products and the players who market them. Benefits for subscribers are summarized below:

    • Assess category and product trends
    • Identify acquisition and alliance partners
    • Capitalize on consumer trends
    • Develop market-entry strategies
    • Efficiently allocate financial, marketing, and manufacturing resources
    • Develop competitive strategies for increased market share
    • Understand industry dynamics, including:
    • – Key competitors and market strategies

    • – Channels of distribution

    • – Key factors for success

    • – Product trends

    • – Promotional strategies

    • – New product activity

    • – Emerging and niche brands

    • – Five-year forecasts

    Household Cleaning Products USA is available through a Web-based format for easy access anywhere throughout the world. Subscribers have unlimited access to the report contents via a sophisticated but easy-to-use database.

  • Methodology
  • Kline is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confidence. Kline's market analysis approach places the principal emphasis on primary research techniques to ensure that the foundation of business intelligence and insight is accurate, current, and reliable.

    During the course of field research, Kline's professional staff of industry experts will conduct approximately 50 indepth discussions and personal interviews with a wide range of knowledgeable industry participants and opinion leaders, including household cleaning products companies, retailers, suppliers, and industry associations on brand and supplier purchase decisions.

    This approach has proven to be the most effective and reliable approach to obtaining accurate market data, capturing expert insights, and identifying business opportunities. Primary research comprises the vast majority of the overall research methodology for this report.

    In addition, this analysis is supplemented by secondary research drawn from the review of suppliers' product literature and price lists; a search of recent trade and technical literature; Internet sources; and analysis of statistical data from government, industry, and trade associations and agencies.

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