Specialty Excipients for Parenteral Pharmaceuticals

Specialty Excipients for Parenteral Pharmaceuticals: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2016
Published July 2017
Forecasts to 2021
Regional Coverage: Europe, United States

Oral solid pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical segment globally because they combine high patient compliance and competitive manufacturing costs. The segment has therefore been a long-time focus for various players along the pharmaceutical value chain, including excipients suppliers. However, new technical challenges and notably the emergence of biologics are invigorating the parenteral pharmaceuticals segment, creating new opportunities for excipients suppliers. This report analyzes in detail the market of specialty excipients used in parenteral formulations.

This Report Helps Subscribers to Answer Key Questions such as:

  • What are the sales of specialty parenteral excipients in each region?
  • Which suppliers are active in the market, and which excipients are they supplying?
  • What is the impact of the emergence of biologics in the choice of excipients?
  • Is inter-product competition happening in the market, and what excipients are favored?
  • What is the average price of various specialty excipients by region?
  • What is the forecast consumption from 2016 to 2021?


Report Contents

Tentative Report and Database Contents*
Specialty Excipients for Parenteral Pharmaceuticals is published as a concise report per region and includes a fully interactive database. While the dataset allows users to customize views according to supplier, excipient category, and excipient, the reports provide subscribers with enlightening explanations on the database figures, forecasts models, and market drivers.

Concise Reports Content:


Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulatory Overview

  • Regional market for pharmaceutical products
  • Technology trends
  • Regulatory overview

The following three chapters on type of formulation each covers:

  • Introduction
  • Products
  • Estimated consumption
  • Industry structure
  • Competitive landscape
  • Appraisal and outlook


Liquid Solution

Pharmaceutical Suspensions

Table 1: Product Segmentation
Type of formulation Function Excipient Product
Lyophilization Bulking agents and lyoprotectants


Liquid solutions Tonicity adjusting agents Dextrose
Sodium chloride
Solubilizing agents Propylene glycol
Polyethylene glycol
Cremophor EL
Complexing and dispersing agents Cyclodextrins
Pharmaceutical suspension Flocculating/suspending agents Electrolytes used in Parenteral Suspensions
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose
Methyl cellulose
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone
Wetting agents Glycerin
Propylene glycol
Surfactants (wetting agents) Lecithin
Polysorbate 20
Polysorbate 80
Solvent system Water
Propylene glycol

Scope & Benefits

Specialty Excipients for Parenteral Pharmaceuticals provides a detailed independent appraisal of the complex parenteral excipients markets in key consuming markets, such as Europe and the United States. This report explores market opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of specialty excipients. The results of the study are presented in two complementary tools: an interactive database and concise reports for each region considered. The database data includes:

  • Consumption in volume and value for each of the excipients considered
  • Split by region/country
  • Split by excipient categories
  • Split by suppliers
  • Forecast consumption by excipients (2016-2021)

Excipients coverage includes over 21 specialty excipients, where some of them are used for more than one function, as shown in Table 1


This report assists excipient suppliers in identifying opportunities within the global parenteral segment. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process.

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends driving consumption of specialty excipients in all regions covered
  • Design your regional marketing and sales strategies
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies
  • Benchmark different geographies by historic and forecast growth of the specialty excipients market
  • Capitalize by identifying specific excipients or excipients categories poised for strong growth

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