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Empty Hard Capsules: Global Capacity and Services Map

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: Global

The study is a comprehensive and interactive map showcasing manufacturing and service capabilities of empty hard capsule manufacturers. The extensive coverage will enable a detailed analysis on the supply scenario and an understanding of competitors.


  • Plant capacity of empty hard capsule manufacturers by polymer type of capsule
    • — Gelatin capsules
    • — HPMC capsules
    • — Pullulan capsules
  • Manufacturing capability for liquid-fill capsules
  • Service capability of the manufacturers by site
    • — CMO capsule filling
    • — R&D assistance
    • — Technical support
    • — Regulatory support
    • — Packaging
    • — Others


Tool Benefits

This interactive tool serves as an excellent resource for identifying, locating, and profiling the manufacturers of empty hard capsules globally. Specifically, the tool provides:

  • A highly comprehensive coverage of capsule manufacturers globally, including the vastly fragmented manufacturer base in China
  • A real-time map locator to identify the operating sites of capsule manufacturers, worldwide
  • Details on the capabilities of manufacturers with respect to product capacities and services

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