Empty Hard Capsules: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2019-2020
Forecasts to 2025
To Be Published: Q4 2020-Q1 2021
Regional Coverage: China, Europe, India, United States, Rest of World

This program will provide a detailed independent appraisal of the complex and increasingly challenging market of empty hard capsules in key consuming regions. Results are presented in two complementary tools: an interactive database and a report covering the qualitative analysis of the market.


  • Consumption of EHC at a regional and global level
  • Split by major polymer types, namely gelatin (bovine/pork, vs. fish), HPMC, pullulan, and others
  • Split by capsule size
  • Split by sector (Rx, OTC, supplements) and customer type (CMO vs. brands)
  • Split by technology (instant release, modified release, liquid, inhalation, clinical capsules)
  • Pricing analysis
  • Split by suppliers

Table of Contents


Global Executive Summary

  • Overview of key findings
  • Import/export analysis
  • Historical and future market assessment (2015-2025)

For each of the regions covered in detail (China, Europe, India, United States):

  • Introduction
  • Regional market for pharmaceutical/supplements products
  • Technology trends
  • Regulatory overview
  • Products
  • Overview of key suppliers and their offerings
  • Estimated consumption
  • Consumption figures (unit/value) in 2019 and 2020
  • Overview if the value chain and its developments
  • Competitive landscape
  • Evolution in market shares and rationales
  • Appraisal and outlook

Company profiles (as shown in Table 1)

  • Company overview
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Production capacities
  • Service offering/technical capabilities
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Served markets
  • Sales and Marketing
ACG Capsules
Anhui Huangshan Capsule
Shanxi Guangsheng Medicinal Capsules
NOTE: subject to charter subscriber input

Report Benefits

This report helps capsule suppliers identify opportunities and threats within the global market. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • Holistic understanding of the empty hard capsules industry across the supply chain, from the polymers to customers
  • Detailed analysis of the consumption drivers by segments, functionality, and technology.
  • Useful and interactive deliverables including a database and a series of reports

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