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Excipients for Topical Pharmaceuticals

Base Year: 2018
Published August 2019
Forecasts to 2023
Regional Coverage: Europe, United States

Although currently holding a relatively small share of the pharmaceutical market, topical drug delivery is witnessing a significantly stronger growth than oral solid dosage forms because of its ability to surpass the metabolism pathways of the stomach and liver, which means the skill to deliver localized treatment when the systemic delivery of active ingredients is not desired. On top of the segment’s organic growth, topical excipients are benefiting from the switch to more advanced formulations in topical pharmaceutical products, which means adding benefits like sensory feel, bringing the topical formulations closer to cosmetic formulations.

This Program Helps Subscribers to Answer Key Questions such as:

  • What is the consumption of specialty excipients in topical pharmaceuticals in each region?
  • Which suppliers are active in the market, and what excipients are they supplying?
  • What is the inter-product competition in each regional market, and which excipients are preferred?
  • What are the current trends in the topical formulations market, and how are they affecting excipients?
  • What are the prices of various specialty excipients for topical pharmaceuticals?
  • What is the forecast consumption of excipients for topical pharmaceuticals from 2018 to 2023?


Report Contents

Excipients for Topical Pharmaceuticals Market Analysis and Opportunities are comprised of two key deliverables—a fully interactive database based on a new platform and a report per excipient category and excipient group for each region covered in the study structured as shown in Table 1.


Topical Drugs Industry and Regulatory Overview




Emulsifiers and Surfactants

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Rheology Control Agents


Solubilizers and Film Formers

Each of the excipient group chapters contains a detailed analysis of the following:


  • Introduction
  • Excipient categories and excipient products
  • Estimated consumption
  • Prices
  • Industry structure
  • Competitive landscape
  • Appraisal and outlook
Table 1: Excipients Scope
Group Category Excipient
Emulsifiers and surfactants Ethoxylates Alcohol ethoxylates
Anionic emulsifiers Cetyl/Stearyl Sulfates
Sodium Lauryl sulfate
Fatty esters Glyceryl Stearates
Sorbitan Esters
Alkyl esters Isopropyl Stearate/Palmitate
Synthetic organic polymers PEG Derivatives (PEG-Stearates, PEG lauryl ether, etc.)
Glucolipids Cetearyl alcohol/glucoside
Lipid-based Glycerides, propylene glycol caprylates/laurates,
Propylene glycol Caprylates/ laurates, Polyoxyl
glycerides, Polyglyceryl oleates
Rheology control agents Cellulose polymers and glucose
Synthetic organic polymers Carbomer
Acrylate copolymers
Cationic LDP
Anionic LDP
Natural gums Xanthan
Modified starch
Inorganics Silica
Antimicrobials Preservatives Parabens
Benzoic acid and Benzoates
Antioxidants Sorbic acid and sorbates
Benzalkonium chloride
Others (Phenyl mercuric acetate, Chlorobutanol,
Antioxidants Butylated hydroxyanisole
Butylated hydroxytoluene
Emollients Polyol Sorbitol
Emollient esters Classic
Natural oils Castor oil
Jojoba oil
Shea butter
Waxes Carnauba wax, Cetyl ester wax, Emulsifying wax,
Microcrystalline wax, Paraffin wax,
White wax, Yellow wax
Synthetic organic polymers Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Silicones Silicones Dimethicones
PEG/PPG dimethicones
Solubilizers and film formers Synthetic organic polymers PVP

Scope & Benefits

This report is a comprehensive analysis of the excipients used in topical pharmaceutical formulations, the functions and properties each of the excipients bring to the formulations, their consumption and supply, and the drivers and restraints affecting the market. The data is presented in an interactive database on seven key excipient groups, several excipient categories, and a wide range of excipient products in the key regional markets of the United States and Europe. The database provides an overall market size of the excipient products by region and supplier. The database also focuses on forecasts through 2023. This study provides:

  • Consumption of specialty excipients for topical pharmaceuticals
  • Price of excipients for topical pharmaceuticals
  • Competitive landscape for the excipients for topical pharmaceuticals
  • Consumption forecast of excipients to 2023
  • Detailed analysis of key drivers and restraints of the topical excipients consumption


This study assists suppliers of excipients in identifying opportunities within the topical segment of the two major regional markets. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process.

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving the topical excipients market
  • Design regional marketing and sales strategies
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies
  • Identify the competition in the topical excipients markets
  • Capitalize on opportunities by identifying specific excipients or excipient categories poised for strong growth, as well as to base solid strategic business plans


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