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Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2020-2022
To be published: 2021-2022-2023
Regional Coverage: Global

Q1-Q2 2021 Q1-Q2 2022 Q1-Q2 2023
Europe & CIS North America Middle East
South America China Southeast Asia
Africa India Rest of World

A comprehensive analysis of the complex market of synthetic latex polymers for key applications, this series provides a detailed assessment of market size, competitive landscape, trends, and opportunities for of all major and minor synthetic latex polymers.

NEW! The program includes a full SLP value chain map including emulsion polymerization plants, key monomers plants, and all significant consumers of emulsion polymers within key applications.



  • Consumption volume and value
  • Split by applications and sub-applications
  • Grades and prices
  • Competitive landscape
  • Trends and outlook
  • 5-year consumption forecast



  • Manufacturing plant locations
  • Capacity
  • Product type


  • End-user manufacturing plant locations


  • Monomer raw material manufacturing plant locations

Report Contents


Executive Summary
An overview of the study findings from each chapter of the report.

Regional Analysis
For regional volumes, countries included are listed in Table 1. An overview of the key local markets in the region.

Product Analysis
For each of the products included in the analysis (Table 2):

  • Introduction
  • Grades and prices
  • Applications
  • Levels of use
  • Competing materials
  • Estimated consumption volume/value by application
  • Suppliers
  • Channels of distribution
  • Appraisal and outlook


End-use Analysis

  • Market overview
    − Market sizing, key trends, key players
  • Product overview
    − Grades and prices
    − Levels of use
    − Regulatory overview
    - Competing technologies
  • Market sizing
    − Estimated consumption volume/value by product type
  • Competitive landscape
    − Industry structure
    − Supplier market share
    − Porter’s Five Forces
    − Major customers
  • Appraisal and outlook
    − Growth drivers and constraints

Supplier Landscape

Supplier Profiles
For each regional volume, detailed profiles of 10 leading and niche local manufacturers of synthetic latex polymers are provided, including the following information:

  • Overview
  • Latex sales
  • Grades
  • Capacities
  • Raw materials
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical capabilities

Scope & Benefits

Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities will provide a detailed independent appraisal of the market including current and forecast demand by major product and end-use industry, product grades and prices, applications, distribution channels, supplier sales, and technical and market trends. This edition will include access to a brand new and fully interactive online database, which contains:

  • Consumption of key synthetic latex polymers by application (and by country when applicable)
  • Supplier sales by polymer type and by application (and by country when applicable)
  • Historic consumption and supply
  • Average market pricing
  • Forecast consumption of synthetic latex polymers within a five-year timeframe

End-use applications included within this report series are:

  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Carpet
  • Construction
  • Glass fiber
  • Glove dipping
  • Leather
  • Nonwovens
  • Paints and coatings
  • Paper
  • Polishes and waxes
  • Textiles
  • Tires
  • Other minor applications


This report series will assist synthetic latex polymer producers and monomer suppliers in understanding the evolution of the market by each product group and application, thus enabling subscribers to exploit identified business opportunities. The report series will provide subscribers with:

  • An independent assessment of the global synthetic latex polymers market enabling each subscriber to understand the context in which each regional business operates
  • Identification of key growth by polymer type, application and geography to enable development of targeted sales and marketing strategies to exploit high growth areas
  • An appraisal of market trends, supply and demand drivers enabling subscribers to position their polymers to maximize trends within the market
  • Competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking
  • Forecasting scenarios from which to base solid strategic business plans

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