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Kline PRO
A powerful tool for the salon industry based on transactional data
Data published quarterly
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  • Description
  • Regional Coverage: United States and United Kingdom

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    This comprehensive interactive database enables users to access the latest performance data on the professional hair care industry. Based on actual salon transactions, it yields category, brand, and product-level sales and service data on a quarterly basis.

    This database addresses such questions as:

    • What are the category drivers and trends?
    • Who are the leading marketers of salon hair care products?
    • How do my brand’s sales compare to my competition?
    • What new product innovations and trends are hitting the market?
    • What services are being offered in salons?
    • What are the service revenues, transaction counts, and average prices?
    • User friendly in a simple yet sophisticated system
    • Flexible search options
    • Three separate views: reported, projected, services
    • Quarterly updates
    • View of individual product performance
    • Eight quarter rolling historical data available

    Salon Database Features

    Quarterly Summary Report

    • Services Overview
      − Shares and change for dollars and transactions
      − Top 10 fastest growing services
      − Services creating value
    • Salon Retail Overview
      − Dollar and volume shares and change
      − Segment shares and change
      − Regional revenue share
      − Dollar share by salon size and positioning share
      − Leading companies by category
      − Leading master brands by category
      − Top 5 items and top 5 movers by category
      − Top new items by category

    Table 4: Product Category Segmentation Salon Database Features

    Table 5: Service Segmentation Salon Database Features

  • Contents
  • Products
    • Category (Table 1)
    • Segment (Table 4)
    • Company
    • Master brand, brand, sub-brand
    • Item
    • Salon demographics (Table 3)
    • Dollars
    • Volume (ounces)
    • Shares
    • % Change vs. previous quarter and year prior
    • Service type (Table 2)
    • Segment, sub-segment (Table 5)
    • Salon demographics (Table 3)
    • Dollars
    • Transaction count (ounces)
    • Average price per service
    • Shares
    • % Change vs. previous quarter and year prior
    Table 1: Product Categories
    Hair coloring products
    Hair texturizing products
    Hair styling products and sprays

    Table 2: Service Types
    Hair cut
    Hair coloring
    Combination services
    Other goods and services


    Table 3: Salon Demographics
    Region: United States: Central, Midwest, Northeast, South, West
    Region: United Kingdom: London, Midlands and East, North, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, South
    Salon size: small, medium, large
    Salon positioning: value, moderate, premium
  • Scope
  • Kline PRO provides an unbiased view of the performance of the professional hair care industry based on hard, transactional data collected from a panel of thousands of salons. The service is delivered quarterly. A rolling historical database covering eight (8) quarters is maintained so that users will have the ability to do full year-over-year comparisons. This program covers register transactions (salon retail) and services. Data is reported on both the unit and dollar levels.

    Kline PRO Scope

  • Key Benefits
  • This service is an excellent resource to empower sales, marketing, and management personnel to utilize the most up-to-date transaction based data in their areas of responsibility. It provides subscribers with an accurate picture of the size, segmentation, and performance of the professional hair care market and enables users to exploit business opportunities by understanding market dynamics, competitive forces, and product trends. It offers a timely source to identify and track emerging trends and the latest new product launches. Specifically, this study assists in:

    • New product development
    • Industry/category/brand assessments
    • Strategic planning
    • Acquisition screening
  • Methodology
  • Data for Kline PRO is collected from two main sources: distributors and salons via software providers. Two weeks after the close of each quarter, product and service data is transmitted directly to a designated secure server at Kline. Once the data is received, it is then translated into appropriate categories/segments and aggregated to one total. At no time is the specific location from which the data originates shared with Kline.

    Kline respects the privacy of all panelists and has agreements in place that prevent Kline from receiving any identifiable information. Only the general demographics of region, salon size and pricing tiers is shared. Data from each participant is anonymously aggregated with data from all providers. Data that could identify any distributor, software company, or salon is never disclosed and will always be protected under the strict code of ethics that Kline has practiced for more than 50 years.

    Kline Credentials

    Kline is a leading global management consulting and market research firm offering the complete spectrum of services. The firm has served the management consulting and market research needs of organizations in the chemicals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for over 50 years.

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