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This highlights report summarizes several of the key developments that are expected to continue powering up the market, including:

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection will remain key focus areas, with over 56% of the end users noting an increased frequency of cleaning as the new standard of cleanliness. Demand for cleaning wipes is expected to continue being strong through 2026, as they are an easy tool that cleaning professionals and building occupants will use regularly to maintain clean and safe environments.
  • Sustainable wipes will garner further interest, with 14% of the end users saying that they have switched from chemical-based wipes to more environment-friendly/green/plant-based products since the pandemic began. Moreover, increased demand for plant-based or botanical active ingredients, such as citric acid, lavender, and thymol, will also appeal to end users looking to use more natural, less harsh chemical-based products in their cleaning procedures.
  • Online purchasing will continue to accelerate as over 50% of end users state that they now buy online from their med/surg, jan/san, and foodservice distributors, office supply stores, direct from wipes manufacturers, company-owned distribution arms, and group purchasing organizations. While visits from sales reps are still important periodically, particularly for non-routine purchases, every purchase channel is now notably an “online” retailer selling cleaning supplies and wipes. This is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

For additional insights into the latest trends, changes, and future opportunities in the professional cleaning wipes market, download this highlights report, featuring select excerpts from our in-depth study Professional Cleaning Wipes USA.

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