Beauty Devices: Revealing the Inner Aesthetician of U.S. and Chinese Consumers
The onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced consumers to adopt at-home beauty regimens to maintain social distancing. Many turned to beauty gadgets to keep up with their normal skin care routines, and to mimic the results they previously obtained in professional outlets. According to our just-published Beauty Devices: Market Brief report, the market for at-home beauty devices in the United States and China was valued at approximately $2.5 billion at the retail sales level in 2020. Their combined growth was 12.2% in 2020, with the U.S. market witnessing its healthiest increase in the past five years. Both markets had similarities in terms of key growth factors, such as the anti-aging category, multifunctional devices, and direct sales. Social media and live-streaming were popular marketing tools that helped bridge the gap between marketers and consumers. In this brief report, we take a look at some of the key developments behind the success of skin care devices during the pandemic.

Download this highlights report to learn about:

  • The fastest-growing skin care concerns
  • New product launches and leading technologies
  • The role of e-commerce and social media
  • Changes in the competitive landscape
  • Key spaces for future growth

To get the full view on this vibrant market segment, refer to our in-depth Beauty Devices: Market Brief  report, focusing on market size and growth, the importance of skin care concerns, product trends and notable new launches, technology landscape, key changes in distribution, and competitive landscape. 

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