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Medical-Dispensing Skin Care: Global Screening Assessment

Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific​, North America​, Europe​, Middle East and Africa​, Latin America

Base Year: 2021
Published: Q3 2021
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Base Year: 2022
To be Published: Q1 2023
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The medical-dispensing channel continues to be a bright spot in the professional skin care industry as more physicians are dispensing professional skin care products. This report captures the market size of medical-dispensing skin care for over 65 countries globally. This research offers immense benefits as it can help identify opportunistic markets for entry and serves as a key asset for strategy planning and acquisition activity.


  • Two key deliverables: An Excel workbook and a written report ​
  • Sales of professional skin care products to physicians, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general practitioners, medical spas, and clinics​
  • Regions covered​
    • Asia-Pacific​
    • North America​
    • Europe​
    • Middle East and Africa​
    • Latin America​
  • Sales reported at manufacturers’ level (sell-in) for 65 countries for 2021 and 2022​
  • Economic indicators for perspective are included​
    • Population​
    • GDP Per Capita

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for the manufacturers and marketers of professional skin care products distributing through medical care providers. Specifically, it:

  • Analyzes the evolution of medical-dispensing skin care products globally
  • Identifies key and potential markets for medical dispensing brands
  • Assists in market planning

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