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Medical Spas: U.S. Channel Assessment

Medical Spas: U.S. Channel Assessment

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q2 2024
Regional Coverage: United States

Medical spas have been growing in popularity over the past few years, reflecting the boom in consumers looking to enhance their overall wellness and youthfulness. These outlets including OVME, Ideal Image, and Modern Age offer a unique blend of medical aesthetic treatments such as injectables plus spa and wellness services.
This offering takes an inside look at how the channel has evolved, what makes these outlets attractive, and why professional skin care brands are expanding their field teams to support these outlets.


  • Outlets that are owned by a licensed physician or have a licensed medical professional on-site
  • Outlets that offer aesthetic non-surgical procedures as well as spa services. Outlets may offer mental health and nutrition services.
  • Outlets that use branded professional skin care products as well as their own private label during services and offer products for take-home use
  • Includes results from a survey with 150 medical spas

Table of Contents


Channel Overview

    • Trends and developments
    • Professional skin care sales evolution 2019-2023
    • Number of outlets 2019-2023
    • Role of e-commerce
    • Snapshots of select medical spa chains
    • Forecast through 2028

Inside the Med Spa

A close-up look inside these outlets is based on a survey of 150 medical spas. Key metrics will be provided as illustrated in Table 1.


Revenue and growth of channel
Impact of economy on revenues
Service versus skin care sales revenue
Role of social media and marketing activities
Average consumer spend annually on services and skin care product
Skin care concerns of priority
Importance of supplier delivery on training and education, innovative portfolio, customer service, and price/value-added services
Number of services performed per month by type
Best-selling skin care brands
Unmet needs

Subscriber Benefits

This service will assist professional skin care marketers in identifying opportunities and shortfalls that require focus as well as establishing near-term and long-term strategies. These insights help subscribers to:

  • Strategize on how best to grow sales in this channel
  • Understand needs of the medical spa channel and areas of growth
  • Evaluate future partnerships with select outlets


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Physician-Dispensed Skin Care: China Perception and Satisfaction Survey

Physician-Dispensed Skin Care: China Perception and Satisfaction Survey

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: China

Augmenting over a decade of research that has helped marketers understand the Professional Skin Care landscape in China, we are now pleased to offer our renowned physician-dispensed skin care survey report for the China market.

This report will help subscribers understand the unmet needs of physicians who dispense skin care products in China. The report will also dive into leading considerations for brand selection, the perception of local versus international brands, and key products and brands recommended by physicians.


  • Physician types
    • - Dermatologists
    • - Plastic surgeons
    • - General practitioners
  • Panel selection
  • - 200 physicians who have been dispensing professional skin care products for over one year
  • - Focus on Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
  • - Dispensing both international and local brands
  • - Private clinics/hospitals and public hospitals

Areas of Exploration

Results from the survey are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. Below are details of how the survey is reported.


Key Findings

The business of skin care

This report section provides a perspective on the current professional skin care business in China and what can be expected for the future overall and by provider (as listed in Table 1).
Also included are highlights from our survey on areas such as the impact of regulations, economic considerations, procedures in demand and key skin concerns treated by dispensing physicians.

What matters most?

This section shows priorities in the skin care providers’ decision to use/offer a professional skin care brand. These attributes are listed in Table 2.

Who performs best?

This report section provides an overview of how physicians rate the brands that they use and factors feeding into the performance. We examine the performance differences between local and international brands (as shown in Table 3).

Public hospitals
Private hospitals
Private clinics​​​​​


Training and education​​​
Marketing (including digital assistance)
Product portfolio and innovation​​​​​
Order-to-delivery and customer service​​​​​
Price and value-added services​​​​​​


Collgene & Comfy

Report Benefits

This report assists professional skin care marketers in identifying opportunities and shortfalls that require focus, as well as establishing near- and long-term strategies. This report helps subscribers to:

  • Understand the most important attributes to physicians while choosing a brand
  • Identify the importance of digital assets and sustainability to physicians
  • Prioritize efforts for future initiatives by physician type

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Professional Hair Care Indies: Global Analysis of Brands to Watch

Professional Hair Care Indies: Global Analysis of Brands to Watch

Base Year: 2022
Published: March 2023

Indies are the most sought-after brands by cosmetics marketers, retailers, and shoppers alike. Recording staggering growth, these privately owned brands outpace the total market by offering unique product and ingredient stories, combined with compelling digital marketing that resonates with today’s beauty consumers.


  • Industry disruptor brands that are independently owned, have a unique selling proposition, and are experiencing dramatic growth
  • All key professional salon hair care product classes: hair color products, shampoos and conditioners, styling products, and texturizing products
  • All consumer channels where professional salon hair care products are sold: salons, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar stores

Table of Contents

Brand Profiles

Profiles of approximately 28 brands as shown in Table 2, each of which include:

  • Brand overview
  • Sales and growth
  • Growth drivers
  • Product offerings and claims
  • Hero products/Bestsellers
  • Key new launches
  • Promotional activity
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Pricing and distribution
Global coverage
Bosley MD ​​​Nak Hair
Celeb Luxury Nakagawa
Cadiveu Professional ​Nashi Argan
Davines Naturalmente
Eleven Australia Neuma
IGK Newsha
Insight No.3
Itallian Hairtech Oolaboo
JPS Cosmetics Oway
K18 Previa
Kevin.Murphy Rica
La Biosthétique Sachajuan
Lowell Unite
Maria Nila Virtue

Report Benefits

This report will provide pertinent information on compelling indie brands that are helping shape today’s professional hair care industry. While they may be small in terms of sales value, these brands have the potential to become tomorrow’s billion-dollar buyouts. The report will:

  • Assess independent brands that are outpacing professional salon hair care industry growth
  • Provide an understanding of products and concepts that resonate with today’s consumers
  • Identify potential acquisition candidates and/or local partners

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Multi-Site Skin Care and Wellness Destinations: U.S. Assessment

Multi-Site Skin Care and Wellness Destinations: U.S. Assessment

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q3 2023
Regional Coverage: United States

As the pandemic waned, a robust hunger for an expanded menu of wellness treatments emerged. While traditional venues for aesthetic treatments such as dermatologists have remained extremely busy, consumers have more options than ever to consider for their beauty and wellness fix. Numerous multi-chain spas and medspas continue to expand and have become havens for wellness, aesthetic, and spa treatments. This report will focus on key trends, developments, and business opportunities for professional skin care brands looking to expand their distribution.


  • Evolution and role of outlets
  • Service revenue and number of professional outlets
  • Skin care brands used and sold at outlets
  • Services offerings and price points


Table of Contents


Market Overview

An overview of the trends and developments of various wellness destinations, their characteristics, opportunities, and future growth.

Outlet Profiles*

Outlet overview:

  • Background, ownership
  • Revenues: services versus product sales (2022 and 2023 estimates)
  • Key developments/growth drivers
  • Future growth drivers
  • Door count
  • Regional presence

Product and treatment portfolio:

  • Key professional skin care brands/products offered (back-bar and take-home)
  • Key treatments/services offered
  • New brands/treatments added
  • Price points of various treatments
  • Marketing/promotions:
  • Discounts
  • Memberships
  • Merchandising activity

* Subject to subscriber requests

Med Spas/Derm Clinics Massage Spas Aesthetic Facial Bars Tanning Spas
Alchemy 43 Hand & Stone Face Gym Glo Sun Spa
Ever/Body Lavida Face Foundrié Planet Beach
Ideal Image Massage Envy
LaserAway Spavia
LightRx Face & Body MedSpa Woodhouse
Radiance Medspa
Skin Laundry
Skin Spirit
V/O Med Spa

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for marketers of professional skin care products to investigate new outlets. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by offering:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of wellness destination outlets
  • An understanding of key products and services/treatments offered at these outlets
  • Opportunities to partner with new outlet types

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Skin Care 360 USA

Skin Care 360˚: U.S. Market Brief

Skin Care 360˚: U.S. Market Brief

Base Year: 2021
Published: November 2022
Regional Coverage: United States

This first-edition report provides a 360˚ view of the dynamic skin care market across all channels of distribution, product categories, and key sub-markets, including natural and clean skin care and professional skin care. The analysis of the market also highlights the leading players, emerging brands, and future of skin care beyond 2022.


  • Written report in presentation format
  • Analysis of six skin care categories: Facial skin care, hand/body lotions, sun care products, lip care, skin care for men, and baby care products
  • Coverage of eight retail channels and 17 subchannels
  • Professional-use (back-bar) skin care products are excluded from the analysis
  • Products are reported at the retail sales level




Table of Contents


Market Brief

  • Skin care market evolution and estimated 2022 performance
  • Category highlights (Listed in Table 1)
  • Key growth drivers
  • Product and sustainability trends
  • Leading marketers and emerging brands
  • Channel overview
  • Overview of natural/clean skin care
  • Overview of professional skin care
  • Future expectations (through 2026)

This report contains key takeaways from Kline’s in-depth U.S. skin care reports, including:

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries USA
  • Natural & Clean Beauty USA
  • Professional Skin Care USA
  • Beauty Retailing USA
  • Beauty Indies USA
Baby care products
Facial skin care
Hand and body lotions
​​Lip balms, jellies, and treatments
​​Skin care products for men​
​​Sun care products​

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for the manufacturers and formulators skin care products. Specifically, it provides:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the skin care market
  • Key trends impacting each category and total market sales
  • Market foresight by category and channel

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Salon Distribution Benchmarking Thumbnail

Salon Distribution Benchmarking

Salon Distribution Benchmarking:
Performance Insights of Companies, Brands, and SKUs in U.S. Salons

Adding the Why to Kline PRO: Using Our Sample Universe

Kline PRO currently gives a granular view of how companies and master brands perform in the U.S. salon marketplace. Sales and share trends by region, positioning, and size are available along with detailed pricing information. Our sample with new facts and analysis allows us to investigate the why.


1- Top rankings

View at the company, brand, and SKU levels, and understand your performance vs. competition. Investigate opportunities for optimizing the range and build stories to the trade to increase your distribution.

2- Performance where listed

Understand your performance and that of your competition in salons that stock your brand. Delivering a new universe based on the company or brand stocked. How are salons that carry your brand performing compared to those that do not?


3- Distribution*

Analyze distribution and quality of distribution using numeric, service dollar weighted, and product dollar weighted available from company down to the SKU level.

4- Ranging

How many SKUs are in the range, what is the rate of sale, and should some lines in your range be placed as lead SKUs?Which brands are you competing head-to-head with in your stocking salons?

* Distribution is defined using sales recorded.

Key Initial Dashboards at Launch: Visualizations to Easily Extract Insight

Top Rankings

View by company, brand, and SKU. Identify opportunities and how you perform vs. competition.

Performance in Your Salons

How are your salons performing? How is your distribution and range changing over time?

Other Brands in Your Salons

How many other brands are in your salons, and which are you more likely to share space with? How does your range perform where listed?

Additional Views?

Get input into development and create new views to answer other business questions you may have.

Salon Distribution Service Screenshot

  • Analysis in stable samples with two full years of history by year or quarter to see emerging trends
  • Filters to select universe based on salons stocking for any company or brand
  • Quick view of bubble charts to understand opportunities
  • Top rankings and opportunity to maximize your range using multiple metrics to allow side-by-side SKU comparison

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Salon Hair Care

Salon Hair Care Global Series: Mid-Year 2023 Update

Salon Hair Care Global Series: Mid-Year 2023 Update

Base Year: H1 2023
To be Published: Q3 2023
Regional Coverage: Europe, Latin America, North America

A top-line mid-year update of data and insights included in our annual Salon Hair Care study. A comprehensive analysis of the key global professional hair care markets.  This report focuses on market of professional hair care products, its size and growth, category, channel and company/brand performance.


This report covers consumable hair care products sold to salons for back-bar (professional) and take-home (retail) use (see Table 2 for category scope).

The report addresses questions such as:

  • What is the size and growth of the salon hair care maket?
  • What are the category drivers and trends?
  • How is distribution structured?
  • How big are professional hair care sales outside of salons?
  • Which are the leading marketers of salon hair care products, and what are their market share?
  • What are the opportunities for salon hair care marketers?



  • Sales of top brands
  • Sales of top brands by channel

Table of Contents

Tentative Database Contents*

  • Total industry size and growth
  • Sales by half-year for the following periods: H1 2020, H2 2020, H1 2021, H2 2021, H1 2022, H2 2022, H1 2023
  • Data for each of the categories listed in Table 2 for the six time periods
  • Top 10 marketers sales by master brand for the period H1 2021-H12023
  • Top 10 marketers sales by master brand by outlet (H1 2021-H12023):
  • - E-commerce
  • - Brick-and-mortar stores
  • - Salons’ take-home
  • - Salons’ back-bar

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Europe Latin America North America
France Brazil United States
United Kingdom


Conditioners (including treatments)
Hair coloring products
Hair styling products
Hair texturizing products

Report Benefits

This program provides subscribers with an accurate picture of the size, segmentation, and performance of the professional hair care market in the key markets globally. It enables subscribers to obtain a top-line update to more detailed overview that Kline provides in its annual Salon Hair Care reports and databases. Specifically, this study will provide subscribers with:

  • Industry/category/brand assessments
  • New business developments
  • Acquisition screening
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Channel strategy
  • Strategic planning

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Salon Purchase Channels

Salon Purchase Channels U.S., Europe & China Market Analysis

Salon Purchase Channels U.S., Europe & China Market Analysis

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q4 2023
Forecasts: 2028

Salons traditionally purchased their supplies directly from manufacturers or from distributors/wholesalers and their stores. This purchase behavior has changed, and salons nowadays have a variety of ways to obtain professional hair care products. In particular e-commerce to professionals has been blooming in recent years. In this study Kline asks directly hundreds of salons about their purchase behaviors


This report compiles a quantitative survey among salons and opinions from unstructured interviews with industry experts across United States, key European markets and Mainland China. Observing changes in salons purchase patterns as well as development of online platforms selling to stylists for professional hair care marketers and distributors it is important to understand where and why salons shop. The report includes information on:

  • Number of salons
  • Salons segmentation
  • Salons purchase behaviors:
    • - Where they shop
    • - How often they shop
    • - Reasons behind choice of purchase channel
  • Brands they use
  • Services they provide
  • Product retailing and spending on salon hair care products

Results from this study should enable
companies to better select channels through which they reach different types of salons.


  • Quantitative Study
  • Sample size for each European country: N=200
  • Sample size United States and China (each): N=400
  • Method: 15-20 minute telephone interviews
  • Fieldwork: September-October 2023
  • Respondents: Salon owners/managers/stylists responsible for choosing and buying products
  • Unstructured interviews with industry experts from manufacturers, distributors, associations, media, or salons
Europe North America Asia
France United States Mainland China
United Kingdom

* Subject to charter subscriber input

- Premium
- Moderate
- Value

Information Gathered from Quantitative Survey*

  • Salon segmentation
    • - Pricing of coloring services
    • - Pricing of hair cuts(the above will allow ups to split the sample into premium mid-tier and economy salons)
  • Purchase channels
    • - Where they purchase products from
    • - Share of each purchase channel on their total expenditure
    • - Number of channels they source products from
    • - Quantities of products bought online and traditionally
    • - Which brands are purchased through which channel
    • - Reasons behind selection of various channels
  • Services they provide
    • - Services they provide
    • - How their revenue is split by type of service
  • Product sales
    • - Share of product retail in their revenues
    • - How do they sell products to clients (physically or online)
    • - What would encourage them to sell more products to customers
  • Products and bands they use or sell to customers
    • - The amount that they pay for product purchase per month
    • - Brands they use
    • - Reasons for selecting the brands they use

Information Gathered from Unstructured Industry Interviews*

  • Number of hair salons
  • Sales channels of key marketers
  • Outlook
  • Additional insights helping understand the market and survey results

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Report Benefits

This program provides subscribers with an understanding of the purchase behaviors of different types of salons in United States, Europe and Mainland China. Results from this study will enable companies to better understand reasons behind selection of purchase channels and brands, importance of product retailing as well as services provided by salon tier. This knowledge should help marketers to create effective partnerships and agreements with salons.


  • Report combining findings from survey and unstructured interviews
  • Survey results tabulations
  • The possibility to compare results across different salon segments
  • Incorporating expertise from the Kline Salon Hair Care annual study

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Professional Hair Color

Professional Hair Color: Global Market Snapshot

Professional Hair Color: Global Market Snapshot

Base Year: 2022
To be Published: Q3 2023
Forecasts to: 2027
Regional Coverage: Asia, Brazil, Europe, United States

The study provides a deeper dive into professional hair coloring products category, including detailed segmentation and discussing performance of each product type. It is also providing competitive landscape data for each of the coloring market segments.


  • Sales of hair coloring products in key markets globally
  • Growth of the segment by country
  • Coverage of Asia, Brazil, Europe, and the United States
  • Detailed segmentation of hair coloring products into product types
  • Competitive landscape analysis by product type

NEW study in Professional Hair Care segment!

Table of Contents

Market Overview (for each market in Table 1)

  • Share of hair coloring in overall salon hair care products sales
  • Size and growth of hair coloring category (2017-2022)
  • Market segmentation by product type (Table 2)

Product Type Snapshots by market
For each of the segments in Table 2:

  • Sales and growth of Top 10 Master Brands (2019-2022)
  • Trends and product innovation
  • New launches


* Subject to charter subscriber input

Asia Latin America Europe North America
Japan Brazil France Canada
China Germany United States
United Kingdom
Demi-permanent color
Permanent color
Semi-permanent color

Report Benefits

This report will assist salon hair care companies in identifying opportunities within the global hair coloring market. It will also serve as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process and help the subscribers:

  • Design their coloring product portfolio by better understanding which market segments are the most promising
  • Benchmark their hair color offerings against other players
  • Identify differences between markets in size and growth of various product types to better target various markets

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Professional Skin Care

Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: China, Europe, and United States

Base Year: 2022
U.S. and Europe Published: January 2023
China Published: March 2023

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Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q1 2024
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A comprehensive series on the professional skin care market, these reports focus on market size and growth, new product launches, key changes in the competitive landscape, and future market value and consumer demand using Kline’s enhanced predictive analytics tool. These reports examine country-level demand for consumable topical skin care products sold through and used in professional channels.


  • Size and segmentation for professional skin care products by brand, channel, and country
  • Channel analysis
    • — Beauty institutes
    • — Medical care providers
    • — Spas and salons
    • — Retail
  • Brand profiles


Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • Key findings
  • Market size and growth
  • Sales breakdown by segment, product type, and skin care concern
  • Channel snapshots
  • Outlook to 2028

Brand Profiles (See Table 3) 

  • Company overview
  • Product portfolio
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Outlook

Purchase Channels (See Table 2)

  • Channel performance
  • Key developments
  • Number of outlets/doors
  • Product sales by skin care concern
  • Competition
  • Outlook to 2028


China​​​​​ ​​United States​​
Beauty institutes ​​​Spas and salons​​
Medical care providers​​​​​​ ​Retail (e-commerce, brick-and-mortar
United States
EltaMD Revision Skincare
Image Skincare SkinCeuticals
Obagi ZO Skin Health
Babor Guinot
Comfort Zone Natura Bissé
Elemis Thalgo
Biohyalux SkinCeuticals
Fillmed Winona
NeoStrata Voolga

Report Benefits

This report enables subscribers to identify new business opportunities in the professional skin care market by understanding the latest developments and key trends shaping the market. It is designed to provide business executives with reliable and timely insights to assist them in addressing questions such as the following:

  • How are brands and professional outlets responding to the economic situation?
  • What factors are driving the medical care providers channel regionally?
  • What are the key opportunities that exist for professional skin care marketers?

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