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Consumers continue to place an ever-heightening emphasis on wellness, driving the demand for products and services that contribute to their overall well-being. Our recent survey found that 51% of aesthetic consumers chose to book wellness-related services in addition to their non-invasive treatments. Notably, wellness supplements and IV Hydration Drip Therapy have surged in terms of popularity, addressing specific health concerns such as vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. What are other emerging trends shaping the aesthetic skin care market?

Download this brief report to uncover the latest insights into consumers' top priorities in 2023 and beyond, including:

  • Emerging skin care goals
  • Popular services, including the main target zones for non-invasive aesthetic skin care procedures
  • Skin care regimens and top products used in a daily routine
  • The most sought-after ingredients in skin care products
  • Rising outlet types for buying product and booking procedures

To get the full view of the aesthetic patient journey, refer to our just-published Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer Insights USA. This survey identifies the unmet needs of aesthetic consumers, the services that they are booking, new aesthetic formats/outlets dedicated to accessibility and wellness, and generational behaviors with special attention to Gen-Zs and millennials, who are increasingly looking for aesthetic solutions.

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