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Home and body fragrances came together to generate upwards of $20 billion in retail sales last year, according to our just-published Cosmetics & Toiletries USA and Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Brief reports. Personal fragrance is vibrant, but consumers are pulling back on home fragrance purchases due to less time spent at home and return to social occasions.

This special report, now available for download, shines a spotlight on key developments in home and body scents, answering questions such as:

  • Where are home and body fragrance brands originating from today?
  • How is e-commerce reshaping the way consumers purchase products?
  • What’s the one trend that’s driving the boom in the fragrances industry?
  • How are leading and emerging brands like Nest, Glossier, Boy Smells, Christian Dior, and Yankee Candle, picking up on key trends?
  • What does the future hold, and what trends are likely to shape it?

The insights featured in this highlights report are taken from Kline’s in-depth Cosmetics & Toiletries USA and Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Brief reports, which are now available to subscribers. Cosmetics & Toiletries USA examines 20 product categories, including fragrances, to reveal the latest trends, market drivers, product launches, competition, marketing and retail initiatives, as well as the latest brands, and unit and forecast sales in an interactive database. Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Brief further complements this analysis, with a detailed view of candles, diffusers, room sprays, and wax melts/fragrance lamp oils. To learn more, please contact us.

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