Road to Recovery: Zooming in on the U.S. Professional Hair Care Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the hair care industry, amplifying many trends that were already present in the market. Download this highlights report to uncover key trends in: 

Channels: E-commerce became the main shopping destination consumers turned to during the temporary shutdowns of brick-and-mortar retailers. In the professional hair care market, e-commerce was the only channel to record growth, accelerating manufacturers’ move toward digitalization. 

Services: Color and treatment and corrective color remained among the fastest-growing salon services in the first quarter of 2021; their average service price surged as well. Do-it-yourself color experienced major growth while salons were closed, and this is expected to impact coloring services in the future. 

Products: With more consumers at home, the “skinification” of hair reached new heights. Consumers started to treat their scalp like the face, and various scrubs, masks, oils, and serums were introduced that effectively treat scalp concerns

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