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We mainly focus on specialty chemicals, including raw materials for personal care, raw materials for pharmaceuticals, specialty biocides, and other products. Our market studies are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and suppliers who seek a deeper understanding of their industry, or those who are looking to learn more about nuances, trends, forecasts, and intelligent insights not found anywhere else.
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Personal Care Ingredients: Africa Market Analysis

Personal Care Ingredients provides a detailed quantitative appraisal of the African market, including current and forecast demand by major product, pricing analysis, competitive analysis, competitive landscape, and supplier share.

Personal Care Ingredients: Antimicrobials

This study will offer subscribers an understanding of the antimicrobial ingredients used in personal care formulations, their consumption and supply, and the drivers and restraints affecting their growth.

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Personal Care Ingredients: Emollients Market Analysis

Emollients are among the three biggest ingredient groups used in the personal care industry, driven by hair care and skin care applications. They are also the most resilient ingredients mainly used in skin care and oral care and should be least impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis

Kline’s 11th edition of our flagship program – GLOBAL PERSONAL CARE INGREDIENTS. New in 2022 is our digital dashboard and data visualization tool, providing coverage of 250 ingredients across 8 geographies – analyzed by supplier, naturality, formulation, application, and MORE!


Personal Care Ingredients: Surfactants Market Analysis

Surfactants is the most consumed ingredient group in the personal care industry. Its demand is driven by daily use products, such as shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, shaving creams, and liquid soaps. For that reason, surfactants are among the most resilient ingredients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialty Excipients

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Biologics: Market Opportunities for Chemicals Suppliers

With the drug pipeline increasingly being populated with biologics, it is crucial to understand the evolving role of excipients. The selection and use of the right excipients are even more critical for biologics than for small molecule drugs.

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Empty Hard Capsules: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

This program will provide a detailed independent appraisal of the complex and increasingly challenging market of empty hard capsules in key consuming regions. Results are presented in two complementary tools: an interactive database and a report covering the qualitative analysis of the market.

Excipients for Topical Pharmaceuticals: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Excipients for Topical Pharmaceuticals: Market Analysis and Opportunities

The study is a comprehensive analysis on the market of excipients in topical pharmaceuticals in the two biggest regional markets. It extensively covers a variety of excipient categories and provides a deep dive into individual excipient markets, facilitating the understanding of market trends and the identification of market opportunities.

Other Specialty Chemicals

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Industrial Esters: Market Analysis and Opportunities

A comprehensive analysis examining the esters market for various industrial applications, this study would provide a detailed assessment of the market size, competitive landscape, trends, and growth opportunities in key application markets.

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Industrial Surfactants: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Aside from cleaning and personal care applications, surfactants are consumed in a variety of industrial applications such as food and beverages, paints and coatings, crop protection, oilfield and mining, and lubricants. 

This report focuses on these industrial applications, which often offer strong growth opportunities. They are driven by complex, application-related drivers, the identification of which is key for building a successful, targeted business strategy.

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Specialty Biocides: Regional Markets Analysis

Specialty Biocides: Regional Markets Analysis covers the consumption and the supply of over 100 specialty biocides in 19 major end-use applications in the four key consuming regions globally: China, India, Europe, and the United States.

Synthetic Latex Polymers

Synthetic Latex Polymers Capacity and Manufacturing Economics Assessment 1

Synthetic Latex Polymers: Capacity and Manufacturing Economics Assessment

This program provides both a comprehensive coverage of the capacities and assessment of manufacturing economics in each region through interactive tools and a comprehensive report. This program delivers the tools to understand the production opportunities and design strategies in this competitive marketplace.

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Synthetic Latex Polymers: Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Suppliers of synthetic latex polymers (SLP) are always looking to identify the gaps in market offerings to gain market share. However, gaps are not always clear due to which suppliers’ marketing efforts do not yield desired results. There are also some key hidden success factors in this industry.

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Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities

Our latest report series provides a detailed, independent appraisal of the global market for synthetic latex polymers. It includes current and forecast demand by major product and end-use industry, product grades and prices, applications, distribution channels, supplier sales, and more.

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